Anyone want to be my IUI 2ww cycle buddy!!

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Anyone want to be my IUI 2ww cycle buddy!!

Postby alees.242 » Tue Jun 21, 2016 12:39 pm

Hey All!!

I'm looking for a cycle buddy to chit chat and help pass the 2ww!

Its such a stressful time and I cannot help but feel anxious! I did do my IUI on Friday so I am currently 4dpIUI. It went pretty well - Hubbies washed count was 28 million which is great!

Pretty sure i am out this month though..

Still haven’t had a temp rise - which is crazy because I ovulate every month and I’ve never had this issue before. Also crazy because my OPK was positive the day before my IUI and now its negative which you would think would mean I ovulated, but my temps say otherwise! ALSO i am on day 17 of my cycle and I never ever ovulate past day 15 - even on clomid.... I wonder if that means I am not going to ovulate this month?? Anyway. Just trying to stay busy. Hubby and I have been BD every day since my IUI until I get that surge I am waiting for. Just don’t want to miss it… even though my hopes are basically diminished! Had a good cry about it. I am lucky my hubby is very supportive – but I can tell he is disappointed as well.

Gearing up and trying to mentally prepare for my next cycle! Holding on to a glimps of hope that I get a positive this month by chance!! It’s so hard not to get discouraged during all of this!! It’s so stressful!

Side note: Any of you ladies have bad cramps after IUI? I am concerned I may have an infection or something.. I have been having off and on cramping since the procedure (4 days now)
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Re: Anyone want to be my IUI 2ww cycle buddy!!

Postby McG » Wed Aug 17, 2016 10:29 am


I see you posted a little while ago but I'm curious if you had any success? I just did my third IUI today and am feeling pretty crampy (didn't have cramps my first two tries). But still hoping for the best :)
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Re: Anyone want to be my IUI 2ww cycle buddy!!

Postby boatlife » Wed Aug 17, 2016 12:18 pm

It would be good to know if you got a BFP!! McG - we have a great group of ladies in "August IUI" that most of us are in the TWW or waiting to get the IUI. :D They are an amazing support system!
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