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Postby SYNNEX32 » Fri Sep 16, 2016 5:45 am

Hi,this is my first iui I started my period August 16th on day 3 started a round of clomid for 5 days I did my trigger shot Sept 1st at 3:45pm and my iui Sept 3rd at 3:45 am. I was so afraid bc I was having a hard time finding my cervix and right when I pull the speculum a little big it pop right out, it was open and clear mucus was running out. Since day one I had mayor cramps and just felt bloated, that was my whole 1st week , on week2 the where mild cramps but the most noticeable day was Sept 13th I thought my period was coming the next day,instead on Sept 14th I felt something coming out, so I went to the bathroom and I had this light brown ,mixed with white mucus and a little blood clot. I was feeling disappointed bc for sure I though it was my period, but for the next 3 days I only had brown spotting, not heavy at not regular, I am only using panty lines and sometimes It has nothing on it.I did a test yesterday the 15th and it was negative bc I am irregular I never know when my period is going to come but we calculated maybe the 16th or the 19th. I also feel nausea's in the mornings and very hungry, sometimes I feel hurt burns, right now I am feeling just pressure in my ovaries, so I dont know if it is my Af that it is going to show any minute. what emotional roller coaster =(

BTW sorry for my English .
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