2nd IUI questions, please help!

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2nd IUI questions, please help!

Postby RLSBaby80 » Tue Dec 27, 2016 8:35 am

Last month was our 1st round. We did Femara with a trigger shot. It failed. This month we kept the same medication plan. I went in on the 19th & had 2 mature follicles on the right ovary. Did my trigger shot on the 20th & had IUI the morning of the 22nd. Last month I had a little cramping during the procedure but nothing afterwards. This month I felt nothing during the procedure. I didn't even spot. Late Christmas night I started to feel little pulling pains on my right side. This has continued & is now slightly sharp pain that comes & goes a few times an hour. I'm taking Tylenol & using a heating pad & it does help a little. I'm on restricted activity due to my very high risk status, so I know the pains aren't from overdoing anything. It popped into my mind this morning that maybe this could be implantation?! Has anyone experienced this? I'm praying that's what it is & the pains mean my body is doing its job. Any insight would be greatly appreciated
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Re: 2nd IUI questions, please help!

Postby boatlife » Thu Dec 29, 2016 9:55 am

Hello! I had the same pulling feelings on my 3rd IUI, it failed - but I am hoping it is a good sign for you! I was on progesterone so that could've been what mine was from, or trying to implant. I have some uterine lining issues so that could have been what it what was. Good luck to you!
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