@ Home Insemination (ICI)

Are you trying intrauterine insemination this month? Or have some questions about IUI? This is the place for you!

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@ Home Insemination (ICI)

Postby mermaid.hair » Mon Jan 30, 2017 11:45 am

Hey Ladies,

There isn't a board for this, but IUI is the closest thing to ICI I could find here :) Is there any folks here ttc with donor sperm at home? I've been ttc for four months, I'm still in the tww of this cycle, really hoping for that BFP soon. I've been using donor sperm from cyrobank of California. The struggles of ttc with (frozen) donor sperm are becoming more and more prevelant every cycle. It's expensive, and it's not just as fun or intimate as when getting to do the BD for conception-that's for sure. Without going into a bunch of details, my husband is unable to provide the goods. I've had a history of cysts, but nothing for last 2 years and Dr says I'm good to go! So, needless to say we went into this thinking surely, it wouldn't be a long journey, but now we're wrapping up the 4th cycle and I'm nervous. It'd be nice to have some buddies in a similar situation, or to hear some success stories would be reassuring! :)
If this cycle isn't successful I may have to consider IUI at the doctor's office because it would make me feel like the odds are more in my favor.
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Re: @ Home Insemination (ICI)

Postby Aj08111124 » Sun Feb 19, 2017 4:14 am

This is our forth round of at home ICI. For me this would be baby number three. My last two were at home ICI as well but they are eight and eleven now. The oldest took first round, the youngest took three rounds. Don't give up hope, it can work. I am 10 dpo and not feeling hopeful this month.
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