IUI-EGG SIZE/Ovulation

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IUI-EGG SIZE/Ovulation

Postby Jes2012 » Thu Feb 02, 2017 10:46 pm


I received IUI this past Tuesday and on Wednesday it felt like I started ovulation. Prior, my scans showed I had four good sized eggs/follicles on rt ovary and one egg/follicle on left ovary, but left on was not a good size.

So, when I start to ovulate, I was feeling twinges and pain in my left ovary and not the right. I do feel something ever so slight on the rt ovary, mainly pain in left ovary. So, does that mean it is possible for poor sized egg to be released and not any of my good sized eggs on the right? I thought the body knows to release the most mature and biggest egg? I need help to understand this whole thing...argh. Thank you!
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