I'm new...and I have some questions.

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I'm new...and I have some questions.

Postby spotsanddots » Mon Feb 20, 2017 10:40 am

Hi everyone.

I am new to posting online, though I have been reading through this site for awhile.

A little background, I am 35, DH is 34. We are on our 10th cycle TTC. Given my age, after 7 cycles we made an appointment with our OBGYN. He completed a Saline HSG. Tubes were clear, nothing noted abnormal. He referred us to see an endocrinologist.

Last month we made our appointment with the RS. During this time he looked over our HSG, asked me about 50 questions, then completed an internal ultrasound. I was on CD 13, the observed I had 1 follicle mature and noted I would ovulate within 12 hours. He also quipped, I see some endometriosis in your uterus (it was like someone saying, "Oh it's sunny today").

When we were finished, he took us back into his office and laid out our options: 1. Wait and hope that it happens naturally. 2. IUI with oral meds (clomid). 3. IUI with injections. 4. IVF. He noted on our own, I had <1% chance of achieving pregnancy.

Of course, being Type A, my mind flies into overdrive, and I am asking a million questions:
Why less than 1%?
Will the endometriosis affect achieving pregnancy?
Which option would be the best for us?
And the most important...what next?

He took time to review the options, the pros, the cons, what our insurance would and would not cover. Etc. It felt good having some answers, some options. At the same time, that <1% chance felt like a punch in the gut.

After some discussion, DH and I decide on IUI, as our insurance will cover that, but it will not cover IVF. I inquire if injections is the best route, clomid, natural? Doc says, relax (I want to throat punch everyone who tells me to "relax"), we have to wait for blood work on CD 3, once we get the results from labs, he promises to call me and go over options...make a plan....ok great...so we wait.

Blood work is completed, my phone rings...it's the medical assistant, not the doc. She reports all levels are in the "normal" range (nothing about this feels normal, ya know?). Ok...great...now what??? Doc said he would call with a plan.
She laughs. Oh that doc, he's a fibber!

Wait. What?

She informs me that he doesn't call with results, med assistants do. Then from there we wait, call back on CD 1, we will make an appointment for you to come in and sit down with doc to hash out a plan.

Did I mention I am Type A?

Why do we wait until then? Why not make a plan now? I am asking a million questions on the phone. She goes from bubbly and friendly to annoyed with me (lots of sighing and mmmmmhmmming). Basically my question is: Is there a need to wait until CD 1 to create a "plan"? She tells me that's just how it's done. I ask why, she hasn't an answer.

Ok, I press on. Why would we wait until then when ALL infertility meds have to be preapproved through my insurance. And my insurance is SLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOWWWWWEEEEEERRRRRR than the darn TWW. Why not lay out a plan now, get everything preapproved before CD 1 so when it rolls around we can be ready???

She sighs (for the 13th time) and tells me, "if it will make you feel better, I will schedule you with the doctor to discuss your options again."

Ugh. No. I know my options, what I need is a plan! I ask her if she understands what I am saying, she replies, "mmmmhmmm". I ask if I make sense (because seriously, this whole thing has me feeling straight out nuts), she tells me, "yep, makes total sense to be proactive."


So I make the appointment (for tomorrow) to go in and talk with the doctor. Meanwhile, I am googling for answers as to why they would wait until CD 1 (because she obviously had no clue). The answer is: baseline ultrasound. On CD 1 the doc does a baseline ultrasound to count how many potential eggs we will be working with.

Ok, that makes sense.

So, my questions for you ladies...should I keep the appointment with my doctor tomorrow so we can hash out a plan, or should I cancel and wait until CD 1?

Thanks in advance, I know this was long to read. I just feel so...I don't know...lost?
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Re: I'm new...and I have some questions.

Postby nehakanak » Mon Feb 20, 2017 11:09 pm

If appointments dont cost much then i feel you should go and check what is his plans?

In my case she just kept asking us do different test and giving us bad news but no plans. Then she said lets do iui next week ...lets try ....so i thought may be she is rite ...on the day of iui....while inserting she realised my cervix is tight n may be it wont be successful..just imagine me shattering...and she checked everything begore didnt she realise it ...

So i think u clear everything ...if ur hcg is ok..u would do it with injections or oral drugs ..if u need cyclogest etc
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Re: I'm new...and I have some questions.

Postby spotsanddots » Tue Feb 21, 2017 4:56 am

That is awful! Seriously, how does one not realize that?!?!

Thanks for responding, my insurance will cover the visit. I just hate to go in there and be made to look foolish.
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