+OPK and IUI Timing?

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+OPK and IUI Timing?

Postby boatlife » Mon Aug 07, 2017 9:23 am

A quick question -

I am not doing the trigger shot this time, I have a feeling it does something weird to my ovulation (crazy I know), but my RE only takes the OPK results from FMU, well...I can't just test 1x a day, so I use the internet cheapies 3x a day, and honestly, the CBFM 2x a day....I got my flashing smiley Sunday AM and got a solid smiley Sunday PM around 8pm, so clearly I had a solid smiley again this morning. I called them and they scheduled my IUI for Tuesday at 12:15pm. I am extremely crampy right now and have been all morning. They will not let me come in any earlier because they only use the FMU results, so I will be going in for my IUI about 40 hours after positive OPK....is this too long?

Appreciate any help!
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Re: +OPK and IUI Timing?

Postby hopeful1984 » Tue Aug 08, 2017 6:41 pm

hi boatlife, I'm sorry your feeling uncertain right now. I realised that I ovulate very soon after getting a solid smiley (based on ovulation pains). sorry I can't help much but fingers crossed for you that you caught the egg.
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