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Ttc for 90 cycles erratic temps, did I ovulate?

Fri Sep 29, 2017 5:41 am

I have been ttc over 7 years, had one miscarriage early on my ttc adventure. Cut to the chase....Perfectly easy to read chart last month (ovulated on day 12,) but this month is wacky and hard for me to read.
I have a 12-13 day lp.

3rd month taking royal jelly, ovaboost, 4th month taking maca.

Went through 20 soft cups(this is my first month using them) and a tube of Preseed this cycle trying to catch an egg.
But of course my ovulation was late this month or not at all??
I've been ttc for 90 cycles and only half are bbt charted due to taking breaks from temping along the way.

I had what felt like my normal by ovulation pain around my positive opk.
I had erratic temps, unlike many other months.
I discarded 2 temps taken at a different time which then gave me cross hairs when they were discarded, but including those two temps FF can't detect ovulation.
My post o temps usually stay above 97.60.
Help me understand, does it look as though I ovulated?
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Re: Ttc for 90 cycles erratic temps, did I ovulate?

Sat Oct 07, 2017 10:31 am

Updated October 7th
**** I did indeed ovulate. Thanks everyone!
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