Early AF with Ovidrel?? Is it possible??

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Early AF with Ovidrel?? Is it possible??

Postby GavNel » Wed Jan 24, 2018 9:58 am

Hello Ladies
I am hoping you can give me a little advice.
My Wife and I are on IUI#4, and the first cycle with gonal-f + ovidrel. We had 2 good sized follicles (22mm & 19mm I think) and 2 smaller ones. Today is 11dpiui and my wife has had a little light brownish discharge this morning and she feels like AF is coming. However on the last 3 attempts AF has not arrived until 15dpiui on attempt 1 & 2 and then 16dpiui on attempt 3, so I think its way too early for AF. Have any of you experienced this before? or has AF ever come early when taking ovidrel?
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