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Other people's image uploading to incorrect blogss

Wed Oct 07, 2015 10:41 am

My very first blog post, I tried to upload an image of a test, and when i previewed it, it looked fine, then when i submitted it, for some weird reason, it was an imageof someone else's chart. I dont even chart, and i checked my phone, I didnt have pictures of anyone else's chart on there either. I assumed I did something wrong since it was my first time, and i edited the post, depeted the image, and reposted, and then the correct image showed.

Well just now I was checking the new blog entries from other people, and someone posted a asking people if they see two lines. I clicked on it, and the image was mine, from that orginal post i had done days before. I checked every tiny background detail, it was my image. It was even a collage of pictures that I still have the originals on. I saw that that same poster, created a new post saying the same stuff, with her corrected picture, but hasnt yet deleted the wrong one.

Is this a known issues that blogs can at random not use the uploaded image and gram someone else???? Seems like a pretty big issue to me. I took a screen shot of the latest incident if it helps.
2015-10-07_114135.jpg (102.37 KiB) Viewed 2088 times
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