Meds for FET

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Meds for FET

Postby ready2Bmom » Thu Aug 23, 2012 11:05 am

I'm going to post this in IVF too...
I'm just moving forward from a 7/20/12 m/c after my 1st IVF (fresh) cycle. With that IVF, the Estrogen was oral and Progesterone was suppositories.
Just got my schedule for the FET - it's estimated for 10/8.
I have to be on BC starting in 3 days (AF started today) for an entire cycle and then for a few weeks into my 2nd cycle.
Does that sound common? I do not enjoy BC pills...

But more importantly, it looks like my estrogen AND progesterone w/ the FET cycle are going to be IM shots! eeeeeeek! :omg:
Why would they change to IM shots? I have to do these things myself since DH travels a lot...wth?
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