TWW with Injections on DPO6 looking 4 buddies

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TWW with Injections on DPO6 looking 4 buddies

Postby Nunya101 » Tue Jun 18, 2013 2:39 am

Hello, I wish to join you, dying to find someone to chat with :)

I have been TTC for the past two months (this is my 2nd).

I'm 33 with 4 kids (aged 7-15 from a previous marriage) and my current husband is 32. We are trying for twins.

I started the injectables (something similiar to follitism) on CD3, and again on CD4, CD6, and the last on CD8.

On CD9 I went in for an u/s and my RE found 8-11 mature follicles. One was 17mm, one was 20mm and the rest were all 18mm and 19mm!
She told me to sit another day before taking the HCG trigger to give them more time to enlarge. So about 24 hours later I took the HCG trigger on CD10. Putting my o on CD11!

Now I was so unsure as O this early was very unusual for me. I usually O on CD 14-17, but obviously the injections changed things around for me. When O came, I didn't get that heavy egg consistency CM that I always get every cycle. My CM was clear, watery and very little in the amount. I told my RE and she said that was fine because we did the u/s and it showed mature follicles.

So me and hubby BD'd on CD 11, 12, 13, 14 non stop as per RE's instructions. I had cramping everyday during that time and by CD14 my CM was nearly dried up.

Now on CD17/6DPO my CM is creamy/milky looking. BB are still very tender and sensitive but they have been every since I took the HCG trigger. I haven't really had any other symtoms, don't think I should this early on. RE said to take a HPT on June 25. That would be 2 weeks after the HCG trigger, CD24 and DPO 13.

They say the HCG stays in your system about 10 days or so and can show a negative positive result. So not sure if it would even be worth taking a HPT any time before June 25.

Normally my next AF wouldn't be expected till at least July 2, but being that I o'd earlier not sure if AF should be earlier as well.

My youngest child is 7 and I had a m/c when he was about 10 months old. So I haven't been pregnant in about 6 years I suppose.

Waiting to hear others symptoms if any in this TWW.......
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Re: TWW with Injections on DPO6 looking 4 buddies

Postby Shae29 » Tue Jun 25, 2013 12:25 pm


I hope you got you bfp today...

This is my first time using one of these boards.. I read them all the time but would never comment

I took the Ovidrel shot on last Sunday
Just had progesterone drawn on yesterday.

After the shot i had creamy discharge, mild cramps. 7dpo tingling breast creamy and milky discharge TMI sorry and headaches

Had a miscarriage last year praying that this my time.. Also I have a 12 year old..
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