11 dpiui almost certifiable

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11 dpiui almost certifiable

Postby micnew » Tue Jun 25, 2013 5:38 pm

WE having TTC for a little over 2 years now this is our 7th cycle
1st cycle TI with injectables
2-4th IUI injectables the 4th ended in ectopic that ruptured
had a uterine septum removed in January 2013
5 & 6 IUI injectables BFN
7th Current cycle IUI with injectalbes no progesterone

2 follies one each side left was 17 right was 14
1-3 dpiui crampy bbs hurt figured was usual effects of Ovidrel
4-5 dpiui bbs still sore right hip pain
6 dpiui woke up super early which is not like me a train can run me over and i will still be knocked out right hip pain
7-10 dpiui still waking up early only now am nauseous ate some cheese nips and felt better notice CM is now lotiony right hip pain
11 dpiui woke up early only to pass back out for several hours still nauseous nipples sensitive CM lotiony vivid dreams crampy right hip pain

Please any opinions going crazy
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