Injectables vs. Pills

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Injectables vs. Pills

Postby MaryPat » Tue Jul 30, 2013 10:37 am

Hello Ladies,

I'm new to the forum and the terminology, test numbers and all.... We have been trying for 3.5 yrs and just months ago we decided need professional help. My OB-GYN sent us to who is now my RE, and last week, after two rounds if very in-depth testing, we were diagnosed with Unexplained Infertility. I'm frustrated because all there is next is an "experimental protocol" to follow. No target wrong thing to improve.

Well, my RE wants to jump straight into IUI, she gave us the choice to do injectables or clomid. I am afraid of clomid because of the side effects, hubby is afraid of injections bc the higher probability of multiples, my RE considers we increase our chances from our current 2% chance of conceiving naturally, to 30% with IUI with injectables, vs. only about 8% with IUI on clomid.

What would you choose if your RE gave you this choice and if your insurance covered half the cycles with injectables that it would cover with clomid?

Please help, I'm about to start this week as soon as I get my period.
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Re: Injectables vs. Pills

Postby hopingandwishing » Thu Aug 01, 2013 11:24 pm

hi mary,

my issue is I dont always ovulate/irregular periods. I tried 50 mg didnt work.. mri done and found 3 mm cyst.. went tk endo she said its nothing, but to be sure she ordered prolactin test with dilution.. my re wants to skip increasing to 100mg ofclomid and go straight to injectibles... today is cd 1 for me... but my test results doesnt come until this coming monday... called re to see if we can try this cycle since he did prolactin tests before and it was fine.. but endodidnt know if it was wit dilution or not...

n e way... I personally would go to injectibles... my re said close monitoring will be done to not overstimulate...

good luck!
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Re: Injectables vs. Pills

Postby Andrea86 » Wed Dec 04, 2013 7:32 am

Talk to your doctor about femara. Clomid never worked for me, but everyone is different. Femara has fewer side effects, and it wouldn't hurt to start with pills since you've never done any kind of treatment. Maybe you'll respond, maybe you won't, but it will give you some kind of base line to go from. Did they check you for insulin resistance, etc?
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Re: Injectables vs. Pills

Postby vanjust14 » Mon Dec 09, 2013 12:47 pm

Hi Mary, I am in a similar situation. My Dx is also unexplained infertility. My original RE wanted me to try IUI with 5mg Femara. I have been taking the Femara unmonitored while saving money for the IUI. My RE retired before we got to do our first IUI. The new RE wants to take a more aggressive approach and do injectibles with the IUI. My insurance won't cover the injectibles like it would the Femara. I am torn what to do! Sorry I couldn't really give you an answer as I am trying to figure this out as well. I did find out that the injections could cost $500 to $1000 depending on how much I need for 1 cycle.
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