I am new to injectibles..please help!

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I am new to injectibles..please help!

Postby MTD2013 » Sat Aug 03, 2013 6:54 am

Hello...i am new to the world of injectibles. Can someone please explain to me how many different injectibles there are and what there purpose for that injectiable? I would appreciate any advice/help you can give me :)
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Re: I am new to injectibles..please help!

Postby hopingandwishing » Sat Aug 03, 2013 8:23 am

hi mtd,

im starting first round if injectibles also... today is cd 3 /// 2will staet cd 5 ... my re prescibed menopur whuch has fsh and lh.. u was unterested myself y my re dudnt prescribe foolitsm or gonal f like the others...i read for instance follitism has fsh... I guess it all depends on ur diagnisis... they found a 3 mm cyst in my pit gland so dat clomid may nit work fir me if increased to 100 mg... so we mived forward to injectibles ( cost me $1,500) for 20 boxes of menopur... hopefully thisis all I need to get my bfp...

good luck!
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july 2013 - mri found 3 mm cyst in back of pit gland
aug 2013 - moved forward to injectibles (menopur), trigget + iui // cd23 iui 3:00pm - chemical pregnancy
sept 2013- same as aug. protocol... 21x18 and 14x14, triggered and iui 9/28... bfn
oct 2013 - re on vacation/on my own this month.. cd 1 10/15
nov 2013 - cd 1 11/21 same protocol as sept 2013, cd 12 - bfn
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12/21 - cd 1 - re on vavation again... grrrrrrrrrr!
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Re: I am new to injectibles..please help!

Postby Amandai » Thu Nov 28, 2013 3:35 pm

Hi MTD I dont know alot about them but i used gonal f and suprefect (both activate the brain to turn on the ovaries)- when i used only gonal f on its own i didnt get the rise in estrogen to stimulate the ovaries. they are super expensive like Hoping said. I have done two months and we are out 8K Canadian dollars
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Re: I am new to injectibles..please help!

Postby Dia2 » Fri Jan 31, 2014 12:06 am

I am currently 6dpiui on an injectable cycle. I had a BFP a year ago using injectables, but m/c due to ectopic at 5weeks. Clomid never quite worked for me.

I used increasing doses of gonal f to help produce egg producing follicles in the ovary on cycle days 4-10. On cycle day 7 I started generelix to prevent me from ovulating. Once my follies were mature (I had 2- 19mm & 20mm) I triggered (to help all those eggs release) at 8pm Wednesday & Inseminated ~ 36hrs later at 9am Friday morning.

This cycle I am using 150 gonal f CD 4-10. On CD 7-9 I started generelix to prevent ovulating too early. CD 10 I had 5 mature follicles ranging 16-22. On CD 10 8pm, I triggered w/ 10,000 IU Novarel. I inseminated ~36hrs later at 9am on Saturday. I actually felt myself ovulate ~ 1 he before insemination. I started progesterone suppositories 4dpiui. Hopefully this cycle is a successful one!

Amandai is right. They are expensive. My meds cost $1400, lab fee for u/s & labs $1,000 & IUI $450 (wash & insem) I purchased donor sperm which cost ~ $800. = ~$3,700. This is expensive compared to a clomid cycle.

Also, like she said, what you are prescribed depends on your dx. I produce all the necessary hormones, but I needed multiple eggs produced to increase my chances of the sperm getting one & this getting preggars.

I didn't proofread so pardon the errors.
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