Starting Second Round of HCG Shots Tmr-Anyone else!?

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Starting Second Round of HCG Shots Tmr-Anyone else!?

Postby Jacs917 » Wed Jul 30, 2014 2:17 pm

This is my sixth time using femara and the second round using HCG injectibles. Last month during injections I was completely exhausted, sore boobs, flakey appetite, and cramping on and off. Which I expect is normal since it is the pregnancy hormone! Anyone else feeling like this??
I am currently 3DPO and will inject O+4,7, and 10 days. I am taking 2,000 units of HCG each time. Is this normal for everyone else or are you taking more/less?
Looking for cycle buddies or anyone else wanting to comment/share! Good Luck!
Me: 26 Husband:25
September 2012: Started TTC
October 2013: Met with RE- Unexplained Infertility
Nov & Dec 2012/Jan 2013:IUI's 1-3: Femara two 2.5mg/day with Ovidrel trigger=BFN

Feb 2014: RE referred us to surgery then IVF. We decided to seek a second opinion and found a more natural way. We have been using the Creighton Model and have found that I have low progesterone and my CM wasn't reaching EW consistency during my cycles.
May 2014: We started supplements with femara and in June we added HCG shots. I have definitely noticed a change in myself and hope that it is the change that helps us get a BFP!
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