Testing out trigger positive 13dpo

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Testing out trigger positive 13dpo

Postby Joy2014 » Sat Aug 23, 2014 9:49 pm

Hello everyone!

I'm new to posting so not to sure if I am asking this in the right place. We have been trying to conceive our second bubs. I had ovulation assistance Gonal F and then overdril trigger. I am now 13 days past trigger and have been testing out the trigger for 6 days..I'm using first response tests and using first morning urine the lines started out very very faint squinting to see. Yesterday there was an obvious pink line today I tested again the line is even darker!! I I have scheduled blood test through my specialist on Friday..I know the trigger can linger in your system but for me it was barley Visible now it's getting darker! I spouse I feel it's to good to be true and wonder if anyone can share there experience? Thank you so so much!! xx I have posted a photo the top is yesterday the bottom today!
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