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Testing out trigger 7dpt

Tue Jul 14, 2015 7:40 pm

Hi ladies
I am new to this forum. I have pcos & endometriosis :(
Ttc our second baby. Our first son is turning 2 in 2 weeks.
This is the second time I am doing ovulation induction with injectable (gonal-f) The first time we were lucky that it took first go

I am currently 7 days post trigger (ovidrel). I decided to start testing at home and was getting false positives until last night when I got a neg and again this morning.

I am feeling very down as even though I knew the bfps were false it still made me feel confident that it had worked this time. Now seeing bfns.... Im feeling despondent.

I guess I'm just sharing my journey in search of support and to see if anyone else out there has had a positive between / after seeing the trigger test out. I'm using frer pregnancy tests

Baby dust to all out there. Xx

Re: Testing out trigger 7dpt

Wed Jul 15, 2015 5:57 am

Hello there,I had 2 Ovidrele shots,and I know the feeling what u are going trough!A bfn at this point doesn't mean ur out it means the hcg shot is out and the next faint line it means ur pregnant!!Good Luck and i will be stalking for updates!!i do think is too early too be out!!

Re: Testing out trigger 7dpt

Wed Jul 15, 2015 6:39 am

Thanks for replying! I thought I was alone out there (despite there being hundreds of old blogs out there about this)

Am I silly to keep testing? if so... do u think twice a day (am and pm) is overkill?

My husband is currently away for work and will only arrive home after my official pregnancy blood test so I am going crazy here all on my own

Re: Testing out trigger 7dpt

Wed Jul 15, 2015 7:32 am

Yes I think ur over testing but I used to do it even 3 times a day ,lol,you say u are 7dpt that is about 5dpo and implantation happens usually around 7-10dpo!I say to stop testing for now and start testing 9dpo!!Tou are not alone!!!Im here if you wanna talk or an advice!!i really hope this is it for you!!

Re: Testing out trigger 7dpt

Thu Jul 16, 2015 10:58 am

Hi girls. Jessesmum - I am going to be in your same situation soon. For my first baby (8 months old in 2 days) my first round of injections worked after 18 months of TTC on our own and with clomid. Currently I am waiting until my TSH numbers come down (thyroid issue) but then I am going to go to injections again. Luckily, I somehow am pretty reasonable and have already told myself and expect it to take several rounds of injections before I get a BFP. I know it was a lot of luck that the first round worked last time around. Remember that even in the most perfect circumstances the sperm only fertilizes the egg 20-25% of the time. My doctor told me that there was a 99% chance it won't work on the first try this time around, and that a lot of girls get really upset by that. So you are not alone. Also, like Danaa said, it is probably too early to see a real BFP. I am actually impressed that the trigger is already out of your system! It is probably a waste to be testing right now, but I won't tell you not to because I know how that goes :) Good luck! Keep us updated!
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