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I havent a clue where i stand

PostPosted: Thu Aug 06, 2015 8:34 pm
by lastoneforus
I am currently on my second round of clomid. 100mg. Tested out opks to my hearts desire. Apparently i geared up to ovulate byt i never happened. So on like cycle day 28 my ob refered me to a specialist. I assumed to take meds to induce bleed again. Well the did the ultrasound and i hadnt ovulated yet. I had a 18mm follicle. Told me to test opks over the weekend to catch and call back if nothing. Well nothing. So more ultrasounds showed it was now a 28mm and gave me 10k trigger shot. Tested that out yesterday. Today i am 10 dpt, 8dpo?? I cant go by when a period should start because im cd 46 also today, which is rediculas. I dont have pecos. And they said if it didnt take and blood work showed i ov they would want me to wait out the bleed. That could be over 2 months for one cycle. Are they crazy???? Just hopeing i get a bfp soon. Baby dust to everyone

Re: I havent a clue where i stand

PostPosted: Tue Aug 11, 2015 9:57 am
by Mrs. C
Very interesting situation.
I am curious about the outcome? I would have waited, just like you thought.