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Postby MMartyK » Tue Sep 13, 2016 6:31 pm

Hi! I need some advice. I have a long fertility history of PCOS,multiple medications and miscarriages. I ended up conceiving my two kids by surprise. We are currently trying for a third with no luck. This is my third round of clomid and IUI and then we are doing injections. I am starting to feel like this is a crazy idea. Has anyone else
Done injections for a third?
Me (32)
DH (33)
TTC # 3 (DD -5 years, DS-4 years)
Hx PCOS and recurrent Miscarriage

3 m/c (1 natural, 2 medicated)
Clomid x4 BFN
Injectables/IUI x 3 (2 BFP, 2 m/c)
-Naturally had 2 kids after this

Clomid 250mg/Glucophage/IUI x3=BFN
Will start IVF #1 in Dec/Jan
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Re: TTC#3

Postby Danaa » Wed Sep 14, 2016 4:36 am

I had 3rounds of injectables with TI no iui for #1!
It was easy!
Nothing is too crazy when you want a baby!
Sadly they didn't work for me and im now going trough IVF!
Good luck!
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After 3 years in which we tried everything we are doing IVF in Greece with Iakentro Athens.
Short Protocol with Bemfola and Cetrotide
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FET#1 ended in a very early loss,chemical pregnancy.
FET#2 ended in a loss at 22w due to IC,my boys will be forever in my heart .
FET#3 MMC at the 10 weeks ultrasound.
FET#4 2018
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