Starting injectables. Please give me hope!

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Starting injectables. Please give me hope!

Postby Babyhopes123 » Thu Nov 30, 2017 6:19 pm

Ill start off by giving some background of myself. I have 2 beautiful children that were conceived pretty easily. For child #3 we are trying so far for 2 years. We took all tests and e/t came back normal, basically putting us into the unexplained category. I experienced 2 miscarriages-one i fell preg naturally and 1 on clomid. Our RE advised to start injectables now. I am so scared of overstimulating, of injecting myself and my mind doesnt stop worrying! I guess i just need reassurance that ill b ok and if a/o has success stories with this please lmk! Thanks
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Re: Starting injectables. Please give me hope!

Postby HappinessOverloaded » Thu Jun 21, 2018 4:15 am

I am extremely sorry for all that is happening with you. It is really the test of your patience. At the same time you are lucky to have two beautiful blessings. There are several women who are deprived of even this pleasure too. It is good that you have tried to investigate the cause of your miscarriages. An early treatment can be helpful. The injections use the hormones. As the hormones get injected the ovaries are stimulated. It is an effective way to improve the egg production. As the eggs increase the chances of pregnancy also increase. It is an excellent option for women losing the fertility. These injections must be taken according to the suggestion of the physician. Although it is a great choice but still it has its side effects too. If not administered under complete supervision they can lead to adverse conditions. I hope your journey gets better with the injectibles.
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