Inconsistent period?

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Inconsistent period?

Postby dclev715 » Fri Oct 19, 2018 6:33 pm

So, I had my first child 11 months ago. I have been breastfeeding her steadily and consistently. For the most part, my period has been on a routine schedule. However, these past two months have been absolutely bizarre. I thought perhaps I might be pregnant again because I erred from my normal 32 day cycle and it started getting to 60 and 70 days passed. I took pregnancy test after pregnancy test just for them all to come back negative. Then, when my husband came back home (he is military) I found out that I was ovulating using my OPK tests. So, we were active that week and the week after, because, well, why not hehe. I didn't hit my period the whole time that he was home and we tested again. Still negative. Just as he was about to leave to go out to sea again my period started. It was spotting, very light and thought that was my sign. Two days later it stopped. I tested again- still negative, but out of curiosity I did an ovulation test again as well, and was ovulating yet again (it was super dark). three days have gone by without anything. I had minor cramps that were nothing compared to past periods, and then now I started all over again, but it is heavier this time. And, TMI, it smells super sweet. idk...I'm not even sure what to make of it. I'm not in pain. I didn't even notice it until I went to go take a shower at the end of the day. WTF? Progesterone issue or is there still possibilities of pregnancy?
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Re: Inconsistent period?

Postby Xenia » Wed Jan 30, 2019 11:58 am

I wouldn't suggest you give up, so early. Have you gotten it tested, yet? I think it could be a better idea to wait, though. Things should get clearer in a few more days. I wouldn't rule out pregnancy, just yet! Good luck to you. I really hope you get it. Lots of baby dust and love for you.
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