Get your thyroid checked!

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Get your thyroid checked!

Postby ar_hoping » Sun Feb 16, 2014 11:37 am

I told myself I would post this, as another person's similar post on this site was the difference in conceiving or not conceiving for me. After a miscarriage and then trying to conceive for an additional two years after having my 1st child I was FINALLY diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I had subtle symptoms, including lack of energy and depression, but I chalked these up to depression and the ever-present sadness I was experiencing TTC. I went to a specialist, who ran tests, but oddly enough never checked my thyroid. After 3 months on Femera with no results I read a post on here about getting your thyroid checked and asked my doctor if it has been tested. He said no, that I didn't present with typical thyroid symptoms, but that I could have the test if I wanted it. It felt weird to request a test my Dr. didn't specifically recommend, but I knew I would wonder, so we drew blood that day - turns out my HSG was a 13 (it should be between 1-2 for optimal fertility). I was immediately referred to an endocrinologist and after 2 months of being at a stable level due to medication I was pregnant. I know there are so many reasons for infertility, but for a blood test that cost $170 why not eliminate this one? If it is what is causing your infertility you will be forever thankful, and if not, then at least you have eliminated one more factor.
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