TTC #2 - Introduction and question

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TTC #2 - Introduction and question

Postby wishingonastar79 » Mon Mar 17, 2014 11:38 am


I've been ttc #2 for about 9 months now. It's starting to get me depressed, especially since all my friends/moms I met at playgroups while on mat leave with my son, are now pregnant or have their 2nd child.

Just coming here for some support I guess, to talk to other women who understand.

Also, I'm also still nursing my first (most evenings and sometimes at night). I'm not sure whether this could be affecting TTC #2.....i have regular periods and according to the fertility monitor I use , am ovulating.

Anyone know of other mothers who have conceived while nursing?
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Re: TTC #2 - Introduction and question

Postby Happyfroggy » Mon Mar 17, 2014 1:18 pm

Welcome wishingonastar! :welcome:

Breastfeeding DEFINITELY makes it harder to conceive. It is possible and many moms have done it, but prolactin is known to surpress ovulation. The more prolactin in your system the harder it is for your body to ovulate. This makes sense if you think about it, as it's hard for your body to meet the demands of producing milk for one baby while using energy to grow another.

That said, I have definitely seen mom's on this board achieve success and get their BFP while still breastfeeding.

How old is your son? One thing that you may find comforting that it is actually VERY beneficial to the second baby if there is a bigger gap. There have been a bunch of studies that show that second babies conceived within 18 months of the first birth (so an age up to 2 years and 3 months!) are more likely to have lower birth weights, lower iron, and have a WAY higher statistical risk of autism, asthma, allergies, etc. Not saying that these are likely (I mean we all know tons and tons of people with siblings two years apart or less) but statistically the risk is higher. The theory is, that it takes longer than previously thought for the body to recover from pregnancy/birth and to build up certain nutrients.

I hope that comforts you a little :hugs: I know how crappy the waiting is...I'm in my 11th month :?
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