TTC #2 - My Story

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TTC #2 - My Story

Postby melondee » Tue Mar 18, 2014 9:45 am

Looking back, I have always had irregular periods. I went on the bcp at 16 because my period would last 2 weeks. Stopped at 18, and things were normal for awhile. Then I got engaged and went on the pill in anticipation of becoming sexually active after our wedding. (Went on bcp 3 months before our wedding) We got married in March of 2008, and in May of that year, I went to the hospital with a lot of pain and digestive issues. Turned out I had pancreatitis. Since we ruled out gallstones and alcoholism (I didn't drink at all!), the doctors figured it was caused by an estrogen sensitivity and told me to stop taking the bcp. Being 19 and 21-year old newlyweds, we figured we were safe for a few months while we figured out what to do about contraceptives. :doh: Hahaha, my next period never came and we have a wonderful 5 year old boy who I wouldn't trade for anything in the world! We started trying for another baby in January of 2010, when our son was 10 months old. Nothing happened, so I went to my doctor. He referred me to an ob/gyn, who kept telling me that my body was screwed up from breastfeeding. Sent me for bloodwork, but said that we'd just put me on clomid if nothing showed up. He kept trying to get rid of me and wouldn't answer my questions. I didn't want fertility meds, I was only 21 at this point. My bloodwork showed elevated prolactin, which he said confirmed that I was messed up from breastfeeding. I stopped seeing him and asked my doctor to refer me to an endocrinologist. She did bloodwork and found the elevated prolactin, so she sent me for an MRI. Turned out I had a Pituitary Adenoma, so I went on bromocriptine. Cleared it right up. After that was cleared up, my periods started becoming VERY heavy and clotty. I even had a 60-day period that took me to emerg because it was SO heavy. My endocrinologist referred me to another ob/gyn, who did all sorts of tests: Ultrasound, sonohysterogram, endometrial biopsy, bloodwork, clotting tests. Didn't show anything, so he said I could have either the Mirena IUD, or a hysterectomy. I want more children, so I chose the IUD. My periods were lighter, but I was miserable. After a year, the IUD fell out. I called my ob/gyn in a panic, and his secretary said to just come back and he'd give me a prescription for a new one. I said that I didn't want it again, and she said that I was on my own, then. (This was back in July of 2013). Went back to my family doctor, and he said that we can just do the wait and see approach. My periods stayed relatively normal until November. Then they started getting clotty and heavy again. I did some research and started taking Vitex. Took it for a few months, but I didn't help. In the meantime, I've also been getting a lot of pelvic pain. My last period was okay, only 9 days and not too heavy (but still clotty). Went to see my family doc again, and told him that DH and I have been trying. He said, "Best case-scenario, you get pregnant and then we can do a hysterectomy." I go for another u/s on Friday, and he's getting me a referral for another ob/gyn, and is recommending a laprascopy.

That's my story!! My son has been asking for a baby sister since he was 2 1/2, and DH and I really want another baby. DS has been praying for a few months, and last night started praying for twin babies!
Me: 09/13/88
DH: 08/04/86
DS: 03/18/09
TTC on and off since Jan 2010.
Jan 2010-July 2012: TTC
July 2012-July 2013: Break due to bleeding issues that put me in hospital. Dr gave me an ultimatum - hysterectomy or Mirena IUD (I was 23). Hated the Mirena, still had frequent periods and lots of spotting.
July 2013: IUD fell out, been TTC ever since.

Taking B6.
May 4/14 - Started Maca Root from CD15-28, advised by RHN.
June 15/14 - Started Homeopathic Hormone Balancing Protocol

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Re: TTC #2 - My Story

Postby nanovare » Sun Sep 03, 2017 7:58 am


I followed your post, and I am really impressed by your courage and your determination, never give up!!

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