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Postby KayNy926 » Mon Jan 05, 2015 10:11 am

Hello everyone. My name is kay. I have a wonderful 2yr old daughter (she will be 2 this friday 1/9). we have been ntnp since she was born.
A little previous history we tried to conceive her for 4 years. I was using fertilitea and after almost a year of ttc unsuccessfully i decided to seek help of my OB. We started with a checkup they said everything looked great blood work was all great so we were left with no answers. I was informed to ttc for another 3 months if nothing come back and we will discuss options. Well 3 months had passed gee surprise surprise we arent pregnant (or so i thought). we did another check up. I was discussing Clomid with my OB when there was a knock on the door and in came the nurse i just seen. She whispers to the dr and next i see him tearing up the script he was just about to hand to me thinking to myself NOW JUST PLEASE GIVE ME MY MEDS. I ask what is going on. His response you dont need this. What do you mean i dont need it ? YES I DO. nope we are going to schedule you for an ultrasound because your test was positive. Do you think you can pee again so we can just check it again. ummmm yea sure ive been sitting here for about 2 hours since i last pee'd. Just then i seen the thing I had desired for years MY BFP. i will never forget it. So we never got any answers to our infertility but we are back at square 1 with ttc again. I have been taking Vitex and prenatal vitamins and using OPKs before the vitex i would O between CD28-34 now i am Oing around CD18. This month will be my relaxed cycle with no testing I need a break.
Thanks for reading that.
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Postby Cball » Thu Jan 08, 2015 10:39 am

Hey, what a lovely happy ending for #1, however I feel your frustration for ttc. My first is 2 as well, we concieved him 2 land month trying with no problems what so ever, I assumed it would be the same for #2, so we started trying when ds was 6mo, and 18 months on still no #2 :( I had a mc in July after 13 months TTC, which completely broke me. All tests are coming back ok, doctor agreed to prescribe me with clomid last month for first time, 50mg, had see every day for two weeks over xmas, really thought it would be the month, bammmm AF shows itself today :( just don't know what else to do, obviously we can have children as we have perfect two year olds but why is it so bloody hard to get them! X

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