Tell me about your experience with your RE

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Tell me about your experience with your RE

Postby CAndrea » Wed Jan 14, 2015 6:55 pm

So, I've been stalking for over year. I have a 4 year old, who we seemingly had with no problems. I've been working with my OB since July and have done 3 months of 50mg Clomid/monitoring/triggershot and timed intercourse, and now 2 months of Femara 2.5mg and IUI. Clomid produced follicles, but thinned my lining too much and Femara has produced a follicle each time as well, but still BFNs.

I have an appt Feb 19th with the RE. I like to be prepared and I'm coming to realize that there will probably be more a process to this whole thing than visit in February and a BFP in March.

I'm curious about YOUR EXPERIENCE with your RE:
What was involved in your initial visit?
What was the course of action?
What tests were done?
What do you wish you would have known ahead of time?
Any advice or just fyi's appreciated as I work to set my expectations.
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Re: Tell me about your experience with your RE

Postby Cathyd176bx » Wed Jan 13, 2016 2:36 pm

Hi,so everyones experience is different right?! Well i have 1 former 26 weaker thats a healthy 3 year old tot..Ive had two 20 weeker losses.My issue is carrying not producing.So after close to a year of ttc ,my gyn gave me climid 50mg and monitored me for only 2 months which i thought had to be 3 months.So she couldn't figure it out and sent me to a REI..So let me say i was sooooooo freaking nervous but once i got there the REI assistant nurse did my labs,did a vaginal soon and then she did ask a brief history of my gyn,pregnancies,how long its been ttc and what have we done to get pregnant.

After that i had a one on one consult with her.She went over all my info i gave her nurse and asked me to clarify for her my answers.Then she gave me a moment to ask my question.Then she recommend a few test like to look at the tubes,eggs,check for blockage,a sperm check as well for my partner, ONCE MY LABS WERE OK!! she had my schedule another appointment for the 3rd day of my cycle....I know what ya thinkin but she said they must monitor all around to see how your system is. I did the ultrasound and then gave more blood.Her nurse gave an appt to come back for a sit down to go over my results.I went and she said my ultrasound didn't show any endo but that theres another test that goes in with a dye and really show ya lady System.but she explained to me my labs were good except my blood glucose which was 8.2 and that at 240lbs she feels i should lose some before we start any process..Diabetes could add more complications to my pregnancy.So I'm on metformin by her for 3 months till the weight comes down and then we will start the process.

Sorry for the long message but i feel it was a wake up call on the weight and ttc issue for me personally.Things i wish i had known ahead of time? To really had listen to my doc about leading a healthy lifestyle..

I would recommend you write down every single question you are thinking right now..When you get there so much info will be thrown at you that you'll probably for get half ya questions.try to go with someone for support that reality of their answers may just be to much..Good Luck ,wish u the best
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