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im new

Postby bluelady » Tue Mar 17, 2015 8:52 am

hi ladies
i've ried to re gister at a no. of secondary infertility forums but something goes wrong , I've so much to share and...I'm 31 yrs old and trying to conceive from last 11 yrs, can u all believe 11 long yrs , I feel fed up sometime s but soon I start hoping maybe maybe god will bless me this month but I always fail, this month too I've undergone iui and this is it!!!!!!! I've decided this is the limit I won't go for any any treatment now.... I have a 12 year old daughter , the irony is that I was just 19 yrs when she was born, I wanted to study but I got married at 18, no friends of mine were married, I felt "yuck".and then I was pregnant , I was not ready to be a mother , but I couldn't abort as im from a very conservative Indian family .I resented my pregnancy and missed all the pleasures and my daughter s infanthood; don't get me wrong I love her the most in this world, but I was young and stupid then .now I long to enjoy pregnancy and relive those moments but im infertile now....i've been on treatment s from last 11 yrs,i've gone for iui 3times, ivf is out of question as my husband wont agree(v orthodox nature ) .and i can't afford it.
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