Yes I got a BFP...but drama came with it. Help please!

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Yes I got a BFP...but drama came with it. Help please!

Postby jamamabear » Sat Feb 04, 2012 6:06 pm

Hey ladies!

Ok so I got my BFP two days ago...dh and I werent going to tell anyone till 12 weeks. (we had a mc before this pregnancy) Anyways, My mom called me today and said that her my sisters and my brother all knew I was pregnant Thanks to the weird psychic notions that runs in our family. I admited I was and told them to keep ot to themselves. My whole family knows, which is fine because they will take this information to their graves as proved before. dh's family on the other hand will tell EVERYONE... meaning the entire town if they found they have done to us before. Now dh is very angry that my family knows and not his, I tried to explain why I didn't want them know, because they have been known to blab their mouths before. I'm not ready for everyone to know until we know for sure this pregnancy is going to stick. With that being said I would have no problem telling dh's family if I knew they would keep it to themselves, but they cant so obviously I don't want them knowing just yet. I told dh all this and like I said it made him really upset....I guess I just need a little advice. Should I just cave and let him tell his family and risk them telling everyone? Or stick to my guns? Ugh some advice would be greatly appreciated! I am also WAY over emotional right now (thanks to those raging hormones) so I really don't want any added stress! Thanks in advnce girls!
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Postby Justagirl » Sat Feb 04, 2012 6:40 pm

Honestly, I would stick to your guns about not letting DHs family in on it if they have proven not to be able to keep their mouths shut..

I don't think there is anything wrong with waiting to tell the"blabber mouths" until you know the pregnancy is viable. I have been through an early loss and feel like I probably should have left a few people out of my "call" list and if I do become pregnant again (FX), DH and I probably won't be telling ANYONE until we at LEAST see a heartbeat.

DH should be able to respect that, especially knowing how volatile things are at this stage in pregnancy..and you can tell him that his fam will be the first you call once you feel comfortable that this is a sticky pregnancy (fx for you that it is!!) and I would tell him that you've told your fam because you need that support right now in the early stages that you know they can give you.....quietly, which is what you need at this stage.

Good luck and lots of sticky vibes.!

P.s. hoping so much to join you in the October DDC, would be a dream come true :)
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