First month TTC, question for BFP ladies!

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First month TTC, question for BFP ladies!

Postby Luckyhopefulmommy » Sun Nov 11, 2012 12:41 pm

Hello wonderful ladies! Congrats on your BFPs! I wish you all a H&H 9months!

Okay, this is my first month TTC. I have a 28 day cycle, always on time, and no fertility issues that i know of. Im in my TWW right now, my siggy says all about my cycle for reference. Anyways, DH and i have been not trying, not preventing for a little over a year, using the pull out method. I have had 2 times so far that i have thought i was pregnant and got a bfn each time. I have really wanted a baby for 2 years now and just hoped for a fluke in the pull out method, but apparently DH is good at it... >:/ lol anyways, we started ttc this month and we BD on the right days, i even had a STRONG ovulation this month... Im so scared of getting a bfn again.... So i just want a little hope...

So this is for the ladies who have that textbook 28 day cycle with no fertility issues who were ttc and BD at the right time, but now have their bfps... :) (just because i want to find some ladies with my same situation)

How many cycles did you go through after starting to TTC to get your bfp? And if you have a list of dpo symptoms or a bbt chart, would you like to share it with me so that i can obsess with good reason? Lol thankyou so much in advance for your replies! :)
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Re: First month TTC, question for BFP ladies!

Postby Jessica R » Mon Nov 19, 2012 3:49 pm

We were on our 3rd month TTC when we got the BFP. I'm 28 days to the T. I never charted or temped. I tried the OPK's the first and second month. By the 3rd month, I just paid attention to my CM and it paid off! I got a faint line on 9 dpo in the evening, then the next morning no line, that evening got another faint line. By 11dop I took a digi and got a positive. I didn't have any symptoms except one day I saw a huge glob of egg whitish cm and I thought it may be implantation.

Lots of luck! I did freak out my first month TTC and swear i psyched myself into feeling every pg symptom that was out there. Hope this is helpful!
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Re: First month TTC, question for BFP ladies!

Postby buzybee » Wed Dec 12, 2012 12:03 pm

Last preggo i got prenant first month ttc. I had a strict 28 day cycle. Good luck!
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