Positive Test after 4 months TTC & strange cycle!

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Positive Test after 4 months TTC & strange cycle!

Postby saskiatait » Mon Jan 14, 2013 1:57 pm

I have been reading these forums for months, but never added my own story. Now that I got a positive test, I feel I should share the story of when we finally did conceive, especially since it happened on the month I thought we were LEAST likely to get a positive result.

less than a week ago, I was scouring this and other sites for information on whether people got a positive test result even though their temperatures (BBT) went below the coverline. I had written this month off as a no-go when my temperature plunged down to 36.3 (97.34) from 36.8 (98.2). This was typical of my cycles just before I got my period, and so this looked like any other month. What made it even more likely that we had missed this cycle was the fact that I had suffered a flu-like sickness from 6 DPO (days post ovulation) to 10 DPO. On the first day of my fever, I took aspirin to boot, which apparently is exactly what you should NOT do when you are trying to conceive, particularly during the time when the egg could be implanting. So, it really looked bleak. To make matters worse, my temps stayed down low for the next few days—always hovering just below the coverline of 36.5. I was sure that the fact that my period was late by a few days was probably because of of the illness that had only recently ended. I usually get my period 12 DPO (my luteal phase is pretty religiously 12 days long). At 15 DPO, I decided it was time to take a pregnancy test.

So, two days ago, on a gorgeous sunny day, I walked into town with my dog to pick up a Clear Blue test at the pharmacy. I picked up a double pack because I thought it unlikely that I was pregnant this month, and so the value pack made sense! I casually came home and went to the bathroom to take the test, dog in tow (he follows me everywhere). I peed on the stick and waited. The little test window and then the control window started to change colors. First, it looked like a negative and I was unsurprised and unmoved. But then, the vertical line started to form and get dark, and darker, and I don't think my mind caught up with real time right away because I was sitting there in disbelief. A flood of emotions overcame me! I was pregnant. Pregnant, pregnant, pregnant! They burst their way outwards at this point. I laughed and cried and I don't know what, but it was a sobby, sweet, affair. My dog clearly had no idea why a trip to the bathroom was a cause for so much excitement, but he played along.

This was on January 12. Since then, I have been over the moon with excitement. It feels like the most wonderful secret. I can't wait for all of the changes that will take place over the next months. I am even looking forward to feeling nauseous. All of it is a sign that things are on track. We likely conceived around December 29, and so we should be due around September 21, 2013. We are both thrilled, as anybody who is following these threads as closely as I had been will be able to imagine.

I took my IUD (Mirena) out 8 months ago (after 8 years of wearing them) and started charting my basal body temperature then so that I could see if my cycle came back to normal. It took only one cycle before I could start to see a regular pattern that carried on for the next 7 months/cycles, until this one when we got pregnant. We were trying for 4 cycles; the 4th being successful.

What was most surprising for me about this "big fat positive" (BFP) was the fact that my chart looked so crazy this month with the fever temps and my temps then diving below the coverline. It looked like a strange science experiment.

There was nothing regular about it. I was initially worried about the low temps even though I got the positive test result, but they have started going up again, and my period is nowhere in sight. Everything could change of course, but I have a hunch that everything will work out just fine. I can't wait to see this miracle unfold. i feel like I am the first pregnant woman on the planet! ;)

I wish you all very well in your own journeys towards motherhood. It will happen. Trust your bodies, trust that it will happen when it is meant to, baby yourselves to make a place for baby to come... And wait. Along with all of us, as we all must once we have decided to try to conceive. My heart and joy goes out to all of you!!

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Re: Positive Test after 4 months TTC & strange cycle!

Postby mmm3v » Thu Jan 17, 2013 11:01 am

This is such a fun and exciting story! I wish you the best on your pregnancy! And also a :hh9: Thanks for sharing your story!
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