BFP with Ovacue!!

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BFP with Ovacue!!

Postby vbaker13 » Thu Feb 28, 2013 1:00 pm

Hello Ladies!! I haven't been that active on here the last couple months as I've been using the Ovacue Fertility Monitor so I was on their Forum page learning all about it!! But here is my BFP story!! :D

So a little background, I have been off BCP since April 2012 (11 months) but I have long irregular cycles so this was my 6th cycle of TTC. We started BBT charting on cycle #2 and we invested in the OvaCue Fertility Monitor at the end of our 4th cycle, and I swear that this is the only reason we are pregnant. I had thought that I ovulated super early this month, and without the OvaCue I would not have known that I hadn't and we needed to BD! We BD only the once on O day CD27.

Here are the symptoms I had, some of these are normal for me in my 2WW and none of them were consistent or all day, they were off and on throughout the day. (Normal for me; acne, cramping, gassy and bloated, headaches, creamy CM)

O day - watery/creamy CM, heavy acne break out, slightly crampy, woke up starving that morning, and was nauseous at bedtime
1DPO - creamy CM, woke up starving again, stomach ache, frequent urination, gassy and bloated, heavy acne, tasted blood for a few mins but no blood?
2DPO - stomach ache, heightened smell, super dry lips, nauseous at bedtime, acne, gassy and bloated, cramps and a headache
3DPO - Sex dream?! acne, sore lower back, frequent urination
4DPO - creamy/watery CM, acne, slightly nauseous, cramps, frequent urination
5DPO - gassy and bloated, cramps, frequent urination, acne
6DPO - sex dream?! Started not sleeping well, tossing and turning every other night, cold sore (yuck!), headache, acne, cramps, frequent urination
7DPO - creamy CM, cold sore, headache, acne, frequent urination, cramps
8DPO - cold sore got BAD, acne, frequent urination, headache, gassy
9DPO - BAD cold sore, acne, headache, bloating, cramps
10DPO - BAD cold sore, super dry lips, acne, loss of appetite
11DPO - nightmare, shooting cramp when sneezing?! super dry lips, cold sore, cramps, creamy CM
12DPO - cold sore, second cold sore came up (double yuck!) super dry lips, stomach ache, really red eye, itchy everywhere! darkish CM, acne, cramps, heartburn? bloating and gassy, creamy CM
13DPO - cold sore x 1, super dry lips, tender nips, yellowish watery CM? super tight swollen vagina (VERY VERY strange!!) acne, bloated and gassy, nausea, cramps, very moody
14DPO - 1st cold sore almost gone, growing pains in lower legs? itchy boobs, itchy everywhere, stomach ache, nausea, cramps, loss of appetite, watery CM
15DPO - second cold sore got worse! weird/intense dream, sharp cramps when sneezing, acne, cramps, loss of appetite, bloating, nausea, creamy CM
16DPO - 2 intense/sad dreams and woke up crying, bright bright yellow pee, frequent urination, nausea, loss of appetite, cramps, creamy CM
17DPO - AF DUE TODAY, no AF first thing in the morning so tested with cheapie test, barely barely there line.... thought I was seeing things, woke up DH and he can see the line too. Dipped FRER (same sample) medium dark second line!! Now I'm freaking out/crying/shaking! Dipped CB digital (same sample), Pregnant 1-2 weeks! OMG! Freaking out!!
Afterwards we went to tell our families and give them our surprise gift, then went to do blood work HCG test for my doctor.

Oh and things that we did differently this month....
-halfway through last month we switch from External Pre-Seed to Internal Pre-Seed
-Layed on my back with my legs elevated up against the headboard with a pillow under my butt for min 30 mins after BD
-Did not BD for 9 days leading up to ovulation, only BD once on O day.
-DH was on FertilAid for Men (only 1 pill per day) (not sure if DH was an issue or not)
-More relaxed about TTC since having the OvaCue
-Second month with OvaCue Monitor
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Married: Aug 13, 2011
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Re: BFP with Ovacue!!

Postby Atroo2012 » Sat Mar 02, 2013 3:30 pm

Congrats!! That's awesome!

I had been thinking about buying this monitor, but haven't made my mind up just because of the cost.

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Re: BFP with Ovacue!!

Postby philleigh » Sun Mar 03, 2013 9:08 am

Congratulations! I just purchased the ovacue monitor and can't wait to start using it, this gives me a lot of hope :) Thanks and congrats again!
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