TTC Success with Baby #1

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TTC Success with Baby #1

Postby MummytoSpence » Wed Apr 24, 2013 8:08 am

Thought i would share with you ladies my TTC journey with baby #1

So here goes

After 13 Cycles of TTC with no BFP me and my partner had decided to take a break from it all. I didnt go back on any contraception but we had basically just decided to leave it for now.

Any way i had my last AF around 29th/30th May 2010.

We went on Holiday from the 13th to 20th June 2010.

Skip forward to 16th July 2011 my friend had just annouced that she had given birth to her daughter..... Extremely happy for her but suddenly a little light buld went off inside my head where i suddenly realised my periods were 2 WEEKS LATE!!! after months and months waiting for that to happen it passes me by :rofl:

Dash down to the nearest pharmacy baught a cheapo test dashed back to work peed and dipped and within seconds i got a BFP.

All of a sudden these pregnancy signs came into my head
Late period
Implantation bleeding (which i thought was af)
Massive Aeorlas
And extremely tender breasts.

I used a conception Calculator which said i would have likely conceived between the 13th- 20th June :)

Just shows sometimes when you stop thinking to much it does happen.

Good luck to all you TTC'ers

Jodie - Aberdeen Scotland

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Re: TTC Success with Baby #1

Postby Thully_1980 » Thu Apr 25, 2013 8:34 am

Thank you for sharing your story with us. Am also yet to conceive my #1...and I decided to just STOP fussing too much! Its funny that I don't even know what CD I'm on as we speak. I don't want to bother with that anymore this cycle...I just wanna BD with my hubby as we please, and if it happens, then it happens...
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