TTC cycle#3

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TTC cycle#3

Postby mom2aDD » Sat Apr 19, 2014 2:13 pm

I already have one beautiful daughter. ..We went off bc in September and by October 27th I got my bfp, I was not charting or temping or cm nor opk. At 3wks 2 days the day I got my bfp I started spotting and it continued on and off till 6wks. At about 8wks I felt something was wrong. I didn't bleed or cramp or anything to raise concern for m/c but knew baby died. They wouldn't get in to see me and said was all in my head. At 10wks 2 days I went in and demanded an ultrasound, sure enough baby died at 7wks 5 days. :(

I had my d&c December and after that started to temp and opk. Finally on 4/5/14 our 2yrs anniversary on the day I was ovulating and we conceived! I had been on parental vitamins since September and this time I raised my hips and stayed in bed the whole time after that bd. We only bd 4th & 5th I raised and stayed both times.

I am now only 4wk 1 day but feeling good and not a single trace of blood or brown! Thinking this one is going to stick and it couldn't be better timing, just bought a house and feeling relaxed!

Wish all of you lost of sticky baby dust! And always trust your instincts when it comes to your baby!

Me: 30
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Bfp 10/27/13
D&C 12/17/14
cycle #3
BFP 4-15-14
EDD 12/24/14
1st appointment 5/12/14
ultrasound Heartbeat <3 167
10wks 5days heartbeat 172
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