Ohhhhh Baby & A Little Encouragement

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Ohhhhh Baby & A Little Encouragement

Postby ricemill » Mon Sep 01, 2014 10:48 pm

Hello ladies!

Definitely appreciate all the sharing that happens on this forum and I'm forever indebted to the encouragement received through all your posts! SOO I just had to share my experiences with this crazy TTC journey as I just got my BFP tonight!!!

Before I jump into all my symptoms and what not, I realllllly want to encourage every person on here who is TTC, to start actively temping & charting. My cycles have been long & irregular my whole life and I didn't pay much attention to what my body was doing...UNTIL I was TTC. I really wish I would have started to get to know my cycle sooner! Before I started TTC, I couldn't even tell you what a Luteal phase phase was or even if I had ever ovulated!

Hubby and I tried for 8 months but it wasn't until after like the 3rd month that I knew I needed to be more invested with what my body was doing. My cycles are anywhere between 40-60 days long with a luteal phase of 15 days long ...that's a whole lot of waiting and I was going crazy. Once I started temping, I had a lot better of an idea of what was going on at each point in the cycle. In fact, the first month I started temping and charting, I found out I hadn't ovulated at all. Still don't know if I was ovulating before that.

So, I did some research. After researching, I speculated that my cycles were long due to some hormonal imbalance or deficiency. So I found out about an herb called Vitex which is a miracle herb in every sense of the word. It corrected the imbalance (which I suspect was lack of progesterone) and after the second month of taking it, along with temping and charting, I got my BFP!

Thanks to charting, I knew I hadn't ovulated and could try to help remedy the problem naturally before seeking help. Thanks to Vitex and charting, I knew when my fertile window was and could time things accordingly.

With that being said, be empowered to get to know your bodies ladies! I know the "just let it happen" approach works for some people but I don't think it works for most of us.

I read this fact on Fertility Friend the other day: "A 2013 Australian Study published in Journal of Advanced Nursing found that less than 13% of women seeking treatment for infertility were able to accurately identify their fertile window, leading researchers to speculate that a contributing cause of infertility could be 'poor fertility awareness."'

Alright, anyone who's still reading, yay for getting past all that text (phew that was more than I expected to write). But seriously, what good is it for me to write on here if I can't encourage you girls in your journeys also?!

Ok, biggest indicators that I was pregnant this cycle:
-Boobs were sore from 3DPO onwards. I usually get sore boobs anywhere from 2-5 days before period but NEVER this early. They were sore on the sides when pushed. They almost felt bruised.

-Tirrreeeeeedddddd. Beyond tired. We had just finished moving and it took me a full week to recover and I'm still tired

-My dog who is mainly my dog started getting protective of me around other dogs and even around my nephew whenever they would get close to me. It was actually a very noticeable shift in her behavior because she's otherwise very loving to everyone. She would position herself in front of me and whoever/whatever was coming towards me. Hubby even said something about it.

-Starting getting ravenously hungry starting at 11DPO onwards

-Tested at 14DPO with a faint positive (took it in the afternoon)!!!

Sending baby dust to you all!!
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Re: Ohhhhh Baby & A Little Encouragement

Postby Frecklesandfries » Mon Oct 27, 2014 3:28 pm

Ooh I love hearing that you got a BFP at 14dpo. I've been having the same set of symptoms and tested today at 12dpo and it was a BFN but still no AF so I'm hopeful!!
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