BFP at 13dpo, 32, hx of infertility with ex

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BFP at 13dpo, 32, hx of infertility with ex

Postby Paigeh27 » Sun Sep 28, 2014 5:15 am

My now ex husband and I had major problems trying to conceive. It turns out that my ex had an addiction to pornography. Even with perfect timing, we didn't get pregnant because he didn't have any swimmers left because he would spend half the day servicing himself. He almost lost his job because of his "habit". This was all a total surprise to me. Everything kind of just fell apart. By the end I was praying for my test to stay negative.

Last year I moved home and met an amazing man. Then I was diagnosed with a tumor in my liver and had to have a surgery that they told me I might not live through. My now husband married me a couple weeks before the surgery, and although our relationship was relatively young, there was no doubt that he was my soulmate. I did better than expected with the surgery, and my surgeon said it would be safe to try to get pregnant after about three months. I understand now that it was better that I did find out about my ex and his problems but as my DH and I started to talk about having a baby, it couldn't help but be a little nervous. By now, I'm also 32 so I didn't even know if things would be challenging. We pulled my IUD. I had withdrawal bleeding after three weeks, and two weeks later, conceived! I used an OPK to make sure we had the timing right but DH wanted it to be more spontaneous so he asked that I not tell him and we just DTD regularly. It was obvious to me I was pregnant about a week later because my breasts got really sore and I started having hot flashes. I took a bunch of tests and was kind of surprised when I actually got a BFP. I've been praying for years that I could have a family, and waiting was really tough, but now I am so thankful. I used this forum this first time I was trying to get pregnant and in the last 5 weeks and I'm really grateful for the support and comraderie I found here.
I had some spotting yesterday that seems about right for IB, so prayers for a sticky baby!!! If it's just a chemical pregnancy we will be ok. I'm sure of it now.
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