BFP Success with PCOS

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BFP Success with PCOS

Postby praying4miricale » Wed Nov 12, 2014 7:28 am

Hi there everyone

I'm feeling a bit discouraged today again and was wondering if there was any ladies here that had BFP with PCOS and might share their stories with me

I've been ttc for 3 years with no luck

Thanks in advance for the sharing
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Re: BFP Success with PCOS

Postby Impatient_me » Sat Nov 15, 2014 3:41 am

I was diagnosed with PCOS at age 14 - I am now 40.

At 39 - I tried 6 rounds of clomid - and with no success was about to start IVF. The day before my IVF appointment I felt unwell and thought I should do a preganancy test (because how stupid Luke I feel if I turned up for IVF already pregnant) and I was pregnant - they believe that clomid worked but many weeks after they thought it should have - it can build up in your system....... I guess I think miracles happen and doctors don't have all the answers with PCOS. I now have a beautiful 12 month old baby. After giving birth my period returned to normal for 3 months - I had not a period on my own since I was 18. I thought that being preganat might haves fixed pcos.

No such luck - 3 months ago I tried clomid again but again no luck - I did not wait any longer - time is not on my side. Supposedly having a very high egg reserve Amh 45 and partner's fertility meant we were "ideal" IVF candidates.

So I started ivf - first cycle they started me on a low dose - I got 50 eggs that all got to 8mm and would not grow any further. Cancelled cycle.
Second cyle I was put on a high dose - 70 eggs started to grow and my estrogen levels hit 26,000 and so cycle was cancelled - dangerously close to ovarian hyperstimulation.

This cycle - got to egg collection - third time lucky. Got 14 eggs - 12 survived by the end of day 1. 7 progressed to fertilisation - 6 fertilised. 4 got to day 4. Day 5 - 1 perfect A grade blacocyst and 2 potential for freezing but had to wait until day 6. Perfect egg went in. No eggs made it to freezing.

Partner has extremely high sperm count and extremely high mobility - so something was on own side !!!

3 cycles, 3 months of ivf injections, hypothyroidism closing monitored, blood tests every second day and a lot of IVF money - and only 1 egg even though having pcos means you can usually harvest heaps of eggs.

2 ww the longest 2 weeks of my life!!!! On day 8 after transfer I got pinching sensation/5 hours of period type pain. Today I had my blood test..................................yes there is happy ending ---- BFP.

Pcos is a challenge - I just had to keep jumping over the hurdles restlessly to get to the outcome.
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Re: BFP Success with PCOS

Postby terri2015 » Fri Jan 23, 2015 1:04 am

Hi there hope this helps

I was ttc sinice the age of 18 when I found out I had pcos. .. so for 9 years I was starting to give up my sister who also has.pcos was ttc for 13 years who concieved last year even though I was happy for her and all my friends with their news I struggled to see positively ...I decided I would give it one shot if no luck I would stop as I seen the pain my sister had gone through ... so I started of with provera to induce a cycle for 7 days afer 17 days still no cycle and a negative preg test so I. Was advised to start my first dose of clomid 50mg days 2-6 so.I did ...didn't really have bad side effects thought I was going crazy att one point ... After the clomid I was feeling down as no positive test ....One day while.I was work it suddenly dawned on me I think I'm pregnat i really don't know why ... when I went home.BFP clear as a button I am now 22 weeks and I am having a little girl all is healthy so far ... so don't give up the time will come with my dates I am be lived to have fallen pregnant without the clomid ...I wish u all the best and I am here if anyone would like a chat :) xxxx
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