Low sperm count/motility success stories?

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Low sperm count/motility success stories?

Postby KittyJay » Tue Mar 24, 2015 3:29 pm

Hi There,
I could really use some success stories of natural conception with male factor infertility. I'm 36, and DH is 43; this would be our first child. We've only been trying for 4 cycles, but being over 35, I don't want to waste any time. I don't appear to have any fertility issues, and I'm ovulating normally, but we just found out that DH has a sperm count of 27mil, which is within normal, but his motility is only 11%, very low.

We've started doing everything we've read to do. DH switched to boxers, cut way way back on drinking (he was a pretty heavy drinker), started taking supplements (fertilaid, countboost, fish oil), stopped putting his hot laptop on his lap, stopped using the car seat-warmer, etc. I cook most nights, so he already eats a relatively healthy diet, and I'm trying to get him to exercise, but he's more stubborn on that one. Also, we have him scheduled to start acupuncture next week.

Meanwhile, I'm doing everything I can on my end: acupuncture, fertility herbs, charting, OPKs, trying to carefully time when we BD, pre-seed, using soft cups after BD (just tried that this month for the first time). So I think we are doing everything we can do. We are also talking to our Doctors (just starting all that), but neither one of us has wonderful insurance, and I don't expect them to cover fertility treatments, and we really don't have savings for that kind of thing.

I'm really hoping the steps we're taking will help us to conceive naturally, and I would love to hear some success stories from people with similar challenges. It would help me so much.
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Re: Low sperm count/motility success stories?

Postby val&mik » Thu Mar 26, 2015 11:48 am

Hi KittyJay,

I recently started suspecting we might be in the same/similar situation. I had myself fully tested and my GYN told me I am very healthy and should have no problems getting pregnant. My partner is 40 and we have not done any sort of tests on him and he says he is fine, he refuses to undergo even a blood test, he just hates hospitals and needles. Actually he is a healthy eater, never been smoking or drinking, uses high quality supplements and etc.
It also is our 4th cycle officially trying as before that we were not living together and seeing each other once a month only. We have never used any protection even before that, on few occasions I am pretty sure we were trying at the right time and nothing happened and this worries me. He also says that he is too old to have children and I feel very discouraged as I want one badly. I hope someone shares a positive story here soon! Will be keeping my fingers crossed for you KittyJay!
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Re: Low sperm count/motility success stories?

Postby PhDer » Wed Jun 03, 2015 2:20 am

My DH has 20% motility and only 3% with normal morphology. We got pregnant cycle #3 using SMEP and I would highly endorse this approach. Pregnancy ended in MC but I am now first cycle post MC and will be trying SMEP again to get another BFP
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Re: Low sperm count/motility success stories?

Postby mamabear1 » Mon Jun 22, 2015 8:32 pm

My story is one of those long shot ones - but still, it happened. We conceived #3 in June 2014 with dh's count at 1mill, but the rest of his numbers were okay. So yes it can happen but it was a bit of a miracle. It also ended in mc.

Am i correct in saying that it doesn't sound like your partner isn't totally on board with ttc? It would be ideal of course if he could get an sa done along with any other basic bloodwork. It is impossible for him to know if he is truly "okay" without these tests. My dh isn't on board with ttc again so i have been putting off asking him to have a repeat sa done. The numbers can vary a lot so if a result is bad, they're supposed to have a repeat test done.

TTC can be incredibly stressful on it's own, then add a resistant dh to that mix and the stress is multiplied in my experience. I hope you can talk it through and come to agreement soon. As you know time is sooooo important for us gals when ttc. My dh said no to ttc #3 for several years. Unfortunately it looks like they were my remaining fertile years :( I'd hate for you to land in that same boat - it's been the most painful experience of my life.

I hope you can convince him to have his testing done or better still, you just get that darn bfp! GL
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