Positive with as much info as possible

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Positive with as much info as possible

Postby Oh_chasquido » Fri Jul 10, 2015 5:25 am

After 6 years of not "not trying" and two years of BBT charting (with ovulation!), then 2 months of giving up...I finally got a BFP the second month I gave up on trying.

No dx, even after wasting money on fertility specialist(s), ovary ultrasound, etc (100% not covered by insurance and at that point I wanted a dx just to be at peace with why not... And I swore if one more person told me it's just stress I was going to lose it, I still don't think it was stress).

28-31 day cycle, very regular. Didn't bbt track that month but my OD was moving back a little each month then starting over (ranged from cd13 to cd9!), and based on that, probably od around cd11. bd only once (not kidding, really gave up and almost sick of it after years of trying haha!).

Did NOT think I could be pregnant. got really nausea a on CD 20 (way too early, right?) and took one just to make sure I wasn't somehow pregnant so that I wouldn't worry about taking flu medicine, it was negative. Cd 21, ok all day until the same time (about 4pm), it just hit me. I thought, I'm overdoing the workout in the heat and ignored it. Cd 22... SAmE 4pm nausea and I literally said "this isn't fair, I don't get to be pregnant, but I get to feel sick like this?!" And then I took a pink dye early response test at 5pm (not first morning urine or even after holding it a while, I was just mad) and it was immediately positive!!! On CD 22!! That's at least 6 days early for me and not in the morning!!

I am the kind of person that tests way too much every cycle. I would take a test starting at about CD 20 and convince myself it was just too early all the way through my period being late. It's different for everyone but hopefully my info can help someone waiting. This took a LONG time and I didn't do anything special after doing EVERYthing special (I tried diet changes, etc, could never get medication bc I do ovulate on BBT it just wasn't working!!). The only thing I did that really stuck was yoga, I still don't blame this on stress alone but no one can deny that stress comes with this in a big way... And if you can find ways to make sure you're enjoying life in the meantime (not putting everything on hold), it's more bearable.

Good luck everyone!
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Re: Positive with as much info as possible

Postby stefknow » Mon Aug 10, 2015 10:13 am

Congrats! Love the spirits you have! Keep going!
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Re: Positive with as much info as possible

Postby MSBLACK32 » Wed Aug 26, 2015 2:33 pm

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Re: Positive with as much info as possible

Postby Lizzie32 » Wed Dec 16, 2015 6:13 am

Oh--- Can I ask, since you said you only BD once that cycle, when it was in relation to your O day? Like day of, day before, and so forth?
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