BFP 2nd cycle at 16dpo, symptoms by DPO

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BFP 2nd cycle at 16dpo, symptoms by DPO

Postby Jessibabi123 » Wed Aug 05, 2015 9:04 pm

Hey lovelies,
This was my 2nd cycle TTC our first baby.
I'm now back TTC our 3rd baby, but thought my BFP symptoms and chart may help someone so I'll share here.

1DPO -

2DPO -
Felt exhausted by 7pm.
Mood swings.
Starting to get a cold.

3DPO -
Mood swings!!!
Hubby is annoying me one minute and not the next.
I'm so snappy.
Bloated feeling in uterus.
Cramps come and go through the day.
This mornings cramp made me have to lean over and say Ouch!
I'm Very tired.. Couldn't stay awake after 6pm.
Cold and flu symptoms.
Nauseous drinking morning coffee.. Couldn't drink it.
Extreme thirst about 3am this morning, drank a whole bottle of water.

4DPO -
Yuck taste in my mouth on waking up.
Just feel out of it.. really spacey.
Slight headache.
Constant runny nose with bright yellow snot.
Lotion thick cm.
Pressure feeling in uterus like I'm about to get a UTI.
Pulling on left side of uterus when walking.
Not interested in any sugary sweet foods.. very strange for me.

5DPO -
On/ off sleep from 3 am.
Woke at 5am starving! tummy grumbling.
Light waves of cramps in uterus.

6DPO -
Skin has broken out.
Pressure feeling in uterus.
All over back pain.
Loss of appetite at lunch.
Feeling nauseous.
Congested nose.
Hot flash during the night.

7DPO -
Sensitive sore nipples.
Dull cramps.
Congested nose.
Nightmare of being beaten and thrown off a balcony.. strange, I never have nightmares.

8DPO -
Fluttering feeling of bubbles popping in my stomach lasting about 10 seconds while laying down.
Sensitive sore nipples.
Dull cramps.
Light backache.
Congested nose is a bit better.
Extremely tired by 6pm falling asleep at dinner.
Sharp cramp in uterus at dinner lasted 2 seconds and made me say ouch!

9 DPO -
Waves of cramps.
Sore back.
Sharp cramp that made me say ouch!
Wave of nausea seconds after eating dinner.. gone away after 5 mins but thought I was going to throw up!
Skin really broken out on forehead, chin and back of neck.
Boobs and chest achy, nipples are sensitive.

10 DPO -
Vivid dreams last night!
Dreamed of being pregnant!
Tender boobs.
Sensitive nipples.
Tested at 11am BFN.

11 DPO - *Implantation Spotting Day*
Dreamt of being pregnant again last night!
Sensitive nipples.
Diarrhea in the morning.
All over back ache.
Bright right red spotting on toilet paper this morning when I wiped!
Increased saliva.
Fainted while getting a blood test and very nauseous before it.

12 DPO -
Dreamt of getting a positive pregnancy test with two pink lines.
Tested at 2am.. BFN.
AF type cramps for a few seconds on and off.
Nauseous this morning.
Pulsing feeling in right lower side of stomach.
Waves of dull cramps at night.
Bleeding gums at night when brushing teeth.

13 DPO -
Yuck taste of Metal/blood in my mouth on waking up.
On/off cramps.
Wet/eggwhite cm.. felt so wet I had to check if it was af.. It wasn't.

14 DPO -
Boob zingers.
Really tired!
Craving chocolate.

15 DPO -
Woke up in the middle of the night feeling so sick like I needed to throw up.. went away after 15 minutes.
Sooo hungry!
Tested with FMU, couldn't see anything.
Went back to bed and had a look at my chart.. temps are still so high!
Went back to the bathroom to have another look 5 minutes later..

18 DPO and this morning I got my first blazing BFP! :)

The last 3 days the only symptoms I have had is increased appetite..
Eating a full meal every 2 hours. Waves of cramps down low and Fatigue.

So there you go!
Every symptom in the book! Ha ha.
I went on to have a healthy pregnancy and gave birth to my beautiful baby girl at 40+4 weeks.

Good luck to all you lovely ladies!!
And good luck to me TTC my 3rd bubba!

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Baby dust to all xo
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