BFP after 5 months TTC @ 39 yrs

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BFP after 5 months TTC @ 39 yrs

Postby Cimarr » Sun Nov 15, 2015 9:10 pm

Hi all,

Got our BFP at 18 DPO! At 39, after the first 3 months of trying (using Ovia app, OPK, Pre Seed), I went to a FE and starting having the diagnostics. Didn't want to wait 6 months because I could feel time ticking away. Had an HSG, with one tube clear and the other delayed spillage and they said a bit of inflammation. BFN that next month of trying (month 4). Then got a saline sono the next month, which revealed an 8 mm uterine polyp that they recommended I have removed.

Pretty much wrote off trying that month. Did everything 'wrong'--only BD once during my fertile window because I was cranky and had a bunch of work travel going on. Forgot the pre-seed, and even went off pre-natals for about a week because i was tired of the horse pills. Scheduled my surgery, (polyp removal + a lapro to check out my right tube in more detail). I didn't even try to symptom spot during the TWW because I knew that THIS wouldn't be the month.

Lo and behold, Aunt Flo was late and usually I can almost set my watch my her arrival. Was away on travel and so waited until I was back with DH to POAS. I was shocked! Really, all of that careful planning and it happened this time around?!? Lol, still can't believe it. And, I have zero symptoms so far at 5.5 weeks.
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Re: BFP after 5 months TTC @ 39 yrs

Postby blooop » Mon Nov 16, 2015 3:48 pm

Thanks for posting, congratulations! It's so funny how that works, you say eff it and then that's when it happens and get no symptoms LOL.

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