BFP - With a 3 month Old :)

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BFP - With a 3 month Old :)

Postby Honey Bunny » Mon Nov 16, 2015 9:08 pm

Well I wont make it long,

I just had a baby July 17th. It took us about 4 Months of TTC her last time around.. charted, BBT's, vitex, soft cups, CB Digi Advance ( I had like 3 of this things :rofl: ).. didn't work.. The month we did not chart, the month I Did not temp, or track, it happened.

Fast forward to this pregnancy,

We knew we wanted to try right way after baby to get irish twins, and get pregnant. All hubbies siblings are 18 months or less apart, so he loved the growing up being close in age.. I'm 27, my brother 21, and my sis 12.. HORRIBLE! It has been tough connecting, hanging out with such a huge gap, we try but We are always at different stages in life. So I knew I didn't want such a long gap.. plus we are already changing diapers, and going through the motions, 2 will be fine.

So AF showed up at exactly a year to date from my last one, same day OCT 8th.. so I was in shock.. But I told DH, then around O' I noticed I had tons of EWCM .. I was always on the depo shot.. so I've never seen so much in my life, so I told DH, parents had our baby for the night, and we gave it a try..

So we are currently 5+ Weeks. Total shock. I secretly thought it was not going to happen right away.. but It did.. My OB right away wanted to put me on BC, but I said DH did not want me on it, and she giggled, so she was warned beforehand of the intentions.

We are over the moon, and cant wait to tell our families.

So if you ladies get prego and then want to try again for babies.. specially if you had a long ttc journey, and don't mind them close.. I highly advice to give it a try right away. They don't lie when they say you are super fertile right after baby.

Good luck to those ladies trying, and Congrats to those sharing into the amazing pregnancy journey!
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Re: BFP - With a 3 month Old :)

Postby Momma-of4 » Tue Nov 17, 2015 8:08 am

Congratulations! my first 3 were close together and I loved it that way. They are also best friends, well most of the time. Lol my fourth baby is 7.5 years younger than my third though. Everyone thinks she was an ought oh. Haha she wasn't though and now we are trying to have one more that will be close to her in age. She's 1 now and I wished we had tried sooner.
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Re: BFP - With a 3 month Old :)

Postby stefknow » Wed Dec 16, 2015 8:20 am

So happy for you two! It's always great to hear awesome news.
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