BFP at 10dpo- 4 months actively TTC

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BFP at 10dpo- 4 months actively TTC

Postby Niciland » Fri Dec 04, 2015 7:21 pm

My BFP story!
I am 28 and DH is 32. This is our 2nd pregnancy, but we're hoping it will be our first take home baby. We started NTNP at the beginning of this year and this is our 4th cycle actively TTC. I've been tracking BBT for 3 cycles and this was my first cycle using OPK's. I also spent this entire cycle as an active member on a TTC thread, and I feel like freely discussing every aspect of my cycle helped me relax and encouraged me greatly. Here's my symptoms by DPO:
O Day-Wet feeling, CP so high I can't check texture or openness, Pos OPK, sore nipples, fleeting cramps, BD
1DPO-Sore nips, CP HSO, I had to wake up a few times in the night to blow my nose, which is weird bc I haven't been sneezing or had to blow it during the day, EWCM, BD
2 DPO-No wet feeling today-CM has dried up a lot but what is left (especially at cervix) is still EW-y and stretchy. CP is is still HSO, but maybe not quite as high and soft as previous days, but definitely still open so more BD'ing tonight! Still have sore nips. So weird for me.
3 DPO-CM turning to creamy, sore nips, BD
4 DPO-Sore Nips, Creamy CM, CP slightly lower, slightly firmer, but still open.
5 DPO-same as 4dpo
6 DPO-Sore nips and perhaps a bit of overall breast tenderness, CP med soft, med high and closed,
7 DPO-Sore nips and soreness in sides of bbs, shooting pain in left bb, CM is being weird today. It's creamy, but globby if that makes sense. It is stretchy, too, but definitely creamy. Hard to describe, but thought I'd throw it out there since it is so weird (and plentiful--evidence in my panties!)
8 DPO-woke up multiple times during night and had sore throat from dripping snot (ick!), Weird and vivid dreams with lots of sensation in them. Tender bbs, CP LFC
9 DPO- woke up with a really sore again due to sinus drainage, constant need to blow my nose and the occasional sneeze. CM is still creamy/globby. CP noticibly higher FC today. Been having crazy dreams, but that's not too uncommon for me, waking up multiple times during the night for no apparent reason, took hpt and thought I saw vvvfl? Maybe indent? BD
10 DPO-Symptoms are pretty much the same: sore throat, tender bbs, runny nose, and woke up a lot again during the night. Cm is really stretchy and white but still a creaminess if that makes any sense. CP actually feels softer today, more like medium, prob med high and still closed. Tender bbs, Squinter hpt with fmu, Stronger hpt after work! Calling it a BFP at 7:30pm!
11 DPO-Still can't seem to make it through the night without waking up a few times! Woke up from crazy dreams every time last night! Kept feeling like I needed to pee every time I woke up but tried to save it for the morning. HAD to get up at 5am and pee. Creamy/globby CM, sore bbs, sore throat and runny nose. Had a few times when my heart started pounding in my chest while sitting still. Hpt is getting stronger!
12 DPO-CM is still creamy but seems to be thinning out towards more watery. CP is MFC. I think the sore nipples have receded slowly over the past week and are being replaced with sore bbs everywhere else! If I put any pressure on my bbs-sides, tops, or bottoms- I feel like I'm pressing a bruise. I slept a little better last night, but still woke up at least 2x. I've been kinda bloated, but that could be Thanksgiving's doing. I'm also slightly gassy/crampy but, again, I think that's prob all the food. Very mild AF like cramping for most the day, on and off. Had a sharp pinch, strong enough that it made me physically jump from surprise and pain that shot from my vulva through my vagina and into my pelvic region. Pounding heart a couple times again. Found pink tinged creamy CM at my cervix-none when wiping and none just inside my vagina, but there is definitely blood in my CM at my cervix. Hpt still progressing
13 DPO-Woke up having to pee so bad that it hurt! Checked CM and it seemed less abundant today, but I did spend a lot of time scooping it out and checking it after I saw pink last night. There is a vvl brownish-pink tinge still at my cervix, but just barely. Sore bbs, runny nose and sore-ish throat. CP HSC. Positive on digi! 1-2 weeks!
14 DPO-I'm still waking during the night and having crazy dreams. I think my runny nose may have tamed itself a bit, though bc I didn't wake up with a sore throat. Bbs still feel bruised when pressed upon. Pretty bloated. No sign of any pink cm when checking this am! CP is so high I can't reach it-just like O day. Had BM and all cramps disappeared
15 DPO-Creamy globby cm white and increased to more average qty, I think I slept a little better last night bc I can only remember waking up once before morning. Still have really intense dreams. Bbs still feel bruised. CP still HSC. Still pretty gassy and bloated, but my spirits are higher than ever!
16 DPO-AF will be officially skipped today bc of my 15 day LP! Symptoms are still pretty much the same, waking during night, vivid dreams, nasal drainage, sore (getting really sore) bbs, bloated, gassy. I've been having cramps on and off still, but they feel better after passing gas or BM. I have had a few punches in my pelvic area, but they are sharp and fleeting. CM is a very thin, almost watery, creamy. No sign of any color except white! CP is still HSC.
17 DPO (today)-waking during sleep and vivid dreams, SORE bbs!, CM thin watery/creamy, CP HSC, thirsty and actually craving water, nausea on and off-worse on empty stomach, saw GP and got confirmation of pregnancy!
DH and I are so excited and looking forward to a healthy and happy nine months Fx for a sticky baby!!
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Re: BFP at 10dpo- 4 months actively TTC

Postby blooop » Sat Dec 05, 2015 10:32 am

Yay! You had a lot of symptoms eh? Well I wish you all the best and a very healthy and cute baby :)

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Re: BFP at 10dpo- 4 months actively TTC

Postby SueMein » Thu Dec 17, 2015 5:20 pm

Congrats Niciland!

What do you think contributed to your success with BFP? I'm curious. Thanks!
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