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Over 6 years TTC: surprise BFP

PostPosted: Sun Jan 03, 2016 12:45 pm
by JB7764
My original post was over in POAS because I thought my line on my $store test was false. viewtopic.php?f=2&t=241185&p=3229220#p3229220

Hopefully, that's the right link to my original post.

I've been in the know since New Year's Day and it's finally sinking in that it really IS real. But I'll start my story from the beginning so you can see why thought it was a dud test.

Back in 2009 we had been married for 4 years and decided we wanted to have kids. I stopped BC and we started trying to get the timing down. Nothing happened after a few months so I started paying more attention to body signals. Still nothing. So I started temping and tracking everything. Still nothing. We tested his sperm and it was fine. I went in for an HSG and the doctor said that everything "beautiful" and "textbook" but still no BFP. After all this DH lost faith and pretty much went on the defensive and decided that he'd be OK if we didn't have kids and he stopped trying as hard and it was really hard to get him to do the BD when needed. Admittedly, I feel into this mind set a few times also. I was back and fourth. I was deciding if I even wanted to continue trying in the new year or if I wanted to give up and focus on being a better person and improving life quality for 2016. I was leaning mostly towards not trying anymore but I couldn't decide if I wanted to bother with birth control again. After all I didn't need it anyway, I thought.

But then AF was a no show. Now, this isn't too unusual for me as I have been known to have one or two long cycles in a year. Sometimes a week late sometimes only a few days. I also had been feeling slightly nauseous. But this also isn't that uncommon as I usually do feel that way before each period. I also was cramping just like I would before I start AF like mad, but I never started. I had two days of really light spotting about 10-12 days after we had sex (I'll try you'd ate my chart so it will show this info). I don't know of this is a symptom or not, but a week or two ago all I wanted to eat was nachos. I always think it's odd to having food cravings so early so I don't know if it was pregnancy related but I seriously wanted nachos for every meal lol. This week I'm having a hard time eating. Nothing sounds good. We went for breakfast and I ate half a Denver omelet and a little fruit with some coffee and then we went grocery shopping and I gagged in the detergent aisle. I almost thought I wouldn't be able to stop the gagging and I was going to throw up right then and there. I didn't though. But the same thing happened at checkouts and when I got home.

The cramping has slowed for the most part. But there has been some cramping and a little spotting after we had sex last night. Probably won't do that again for a while.

I've also had breast pain (off and on), mild leg cramps, and mood swings.

Re: Over 6 years TTC: surprise BFP

PostPosted: Sun Jan 03, 2016 8:18 pm
by Sammehism
Congrats! We were trying for about 7 years (I'm currently 6 w) so I always get a fuzzy feeling when people trying so long finally have it happen. Fx for a sticky bean!