bfp after 2 tips (dealt with many issues)

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bfp after 2 tips (dealt with many issues)

Postby jen1984 » Tue Feb 09, 2016 6:00 am

I will post my story here in order more women to see it .thank you:-) by the way i am jenny from greece and i never believed this day would come!
these are the things i did differently the month i conceived!!!!!
I used to have pcos took the pill for several years since i was a teenager to regulate my cycles and after stopping it i dealt with spotting up to 7-8 days prior to af!!!!

Me and my husband tried for a baby for 2 years but for the last year we went through a series of tests to find out what the problem was...
My husbands sperm is perfect and noone could explain my pre af spotting...i went to 4 different doctors !
Progesterone was great the hsg showed my tubes were hypothyroidism was regulated between 1 and 2 which was perfect for conception...
However i felt that something was wrong ...that even if the egg was fertilised there was no way for it to be implanted if i already had spotting 8 days prior to my period...and thats the time of implantation...
So i started looking everywhere for info concerning my problem
I found out that many women have low b vitamins which are responsible for an unhealthy second phase(after ovulation)these women experience spotting before period and are unable to conceive...these women also tend to have thyroid issues!!!
ADVICE please if you are trying for a baby have your thyroid checked TSH should be between 1 and 2!

My endocrinologist also put me on metformin (the previous month before i conceived)which is proved to be linked with good quality eggs...and to women who have/had pcos even if they dont have the typical syndrome metformin does miracles!!!!!

So the month before i got pregnant i decided to start taking b6 vitamin after ovulation and suprise!!!my spotting appeared 2-3 before af!!!!!!!!!

The next month which was the month i got pregnant these are the things overall i did the same or differently than the previous months and surely these are responsible for succeding...

1)Took metformin

2)Had my thyroid tsh regulated between 1 and 2

3)Took b6 vitamin and continued for 2weeks after having a positive pregnancy test in my hands!!!i am sure it helped my endometrium to be thicker

4)Waited and didnt have sex until i had a positive ovulation in my hands i am sure in this way the sperm was the best(if you bd daily it weakens and i made that mistake the previous months)

5)We bded for 4 days in a row after the positive ovulation test

6)The month of conception was the first month that i didnt get up and go pee or washing after bd... i washed and peed before bd and 30 minutes after bd i used baby wipes but carefully not to kill any sperm...(we bd-ed at night and actually slept through the night ...didnt get up)

7)In these 30 minutes after bd i layed for 5minutes with a pillow under my b**t but for the next 25 minutes i turned around facing the bed with the pillow under my belly because i have a tipped forward uterus THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT since i read that women with tipped forward uterus help the sperm move when lying on their belly its because of this uterus anatomy the have ...i had read women who had actually tried IVF without success and had unexplained infertility got pregnant this way!!!!

So you see its a combination of factors...each woman is unique but i am sure i will help many women with my post...dont lose hope!!!
I had lost mine...but you see even i gave up hope i was trying to find info because its the worst thing the doctors to tell you you are fine not be able to find the cause of the spotting...i always wished to tell me you have this problm take this medication and you will be fine...i cried myself to sleep everynight...the worst days were the ones af arrived...and the ones i was informed about other women pregnancies...
I wish you all from the bottom of my heart to get your bfp!!!!!and i am sure you will just dont give up like i did!!!!
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Re: bfp after 2 tips (dealt with many issues)

Postby starzz121 » Tue Feb 09, 2016 6:17 am

Thank you Jen and congratulations , very happy ending :) xo
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Re: bfp after 2 tips (dealt with many issues)

Postby FurbabyMomma » Wed Feb 10, 2016 10:32 am

Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your story. Wishing you lots of sticky dust and a happy and healthy pregnancy.
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