BFP after 4 months ttc :)

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BFP after 4 months ttc :)

Postby Kristadevin2529 » Sun Apr 10, 2016 6:35 am

I have scanned this forum everyday for months and it was extremely helpful! We have been ttc for four months now.

I know how much I relied on success stories to make comparisons so I figured I would share mine and hopefully help someone :)

This was my second month using opks. We also used preseed when we bd during ovulation. This month I stayed very dedicated to taking folic, b12 and b6 daily. I also ate lots of pineapple!

I also (based off of so much reading of success stories) gave a shot at elevating my hips following doing the deed.

As far as symptoms. I was a serious symptom spotter each month. I would attribute everything I felt to possibly being pregnant.

This month I felt very different. It's almost like I knew. 6 dpo I had faint red when I wiped and then never again after that. That was unusual.

8 dpo I felt like I was coming down with the flu. My body ached, my temps were high all week ..

11 dpo I became very indecisive about what to eat and continued to feel sick.

12 dpo I woke up feeling sick and had no appetite at all. Was only able to get in a small meal. Nothing appealed to me. Tested with an opk because I forgot to grab a test. It was positive.. in that moment I just knew.

13 dpo .. woke up and tested with my fmu. BFP!!!

The real signs for me was how off I felt. I didn't get my usual period symptoms (extreme crankiness and cramping) and my appetite loss.

We only ttc for 4 months but it felt so much longer. Can't believe we got our bfp it's still surreal.

Baby dust to all :) xo
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