11DPO and got a BFP!

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11DPO and got a BFP!

Postby Ashby » Sat May 07, 2016 3:59 am

So this was our first month TTC and I researched EVERYTHING. I was starting to think the symptoms were in my head and AF was deff showing up in a few days. Anyways, here is a break down of my DPO:

1DPO- nothing
2DPO- nothing
3DPO- little bit of brown discharge in undies. Super tired. Super hungry. In bed at 6pm.
4DPO- Tired. Super hungry. Irritable and crying at random crap. Checked position of cervix: high and soft.
5DPO- Little bit of hardened discharge in undies with hint of yellow. Cried again at things that weren't even sad. Super hungry. Gagging and nauseated at the thought of certain food. Ate and felt better. Chest feels tight, keep yawning and taking deep breaths. (Not out of shape so this is odd for me). Checked position of cervix again: high and soft.
6DPO- Woke up super hungry. Chest still a little heavy. Thought I was going to get sick at dinner.
7DPO- Feel a little hungry but get super full fast and don't feel great after eating. (TMI) Sweat during BDing and it was not intense and I never sweat. Chest still a little heavy. Lack of energy.
8DPO- Gassy. Taking deep breaths. (Was starting to think AF was coming so didn't really pay attention)
9DPO- Gassy. Taking deep breaths still. (Convinced AF is coming so didn't pay much attention)
10DPO- Gassy. Mild cramping. Boobs starting to feel sore like they always do before AF. Convinced AF is on her way and I'm super sad.
11DPO- Boobs still sore. Mild cramping. Had the test so figured "what the heck". GOT MY BFP! (Twice- one on a no name brand and "pregnant" on a digital) Woke up at 3AM starving

**Also I had very little to no CM so far. I did have watery CM that just looked like I had wet my undies a tiny bit on DPO 11**
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Re: 11DPO and got a BFP!

Postby mcheryl.b » Mon May 09, 2016 9:26 am

AWESOME!! and congrats! :)
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Re: 11DPO and got a BFP!

Postby Rynkat » Tue May 17, 2016 4:43 am

Yay !
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