BFP at 12 DPO-- TTC for 5 months. No symptoms!

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BFP at 12 DPO-- TTC for 5 months. No symptoms!

Postby Lizzie33 » Fri May 13, 2016 8:13 am

Hi everyone! I wanted to share my story since I stalked this board when we were TTC. I hope this can inspire and give hope to those who constantly symptoms spot (like I did)… because I barely had any the month I tested positive!

I am 32 and my husband is 36, and we began TTC for #1 in September 2015. I came off bcp which I had been on for 16 years straight! I know it took my body a few months to adjust because I felt every "symptom" you could have at first. Hot flashes, twinges, pulls, pains, increased hunger, thirst, etc. But, alas it was all hormone-driven. I decided to start temping in February… This was mostly because I was not sure I was ovulating due to my period only lasting 1 day at the most and this had happened since getting off the pill. We were NOT counting days, using OPKs, or anything… only temping to track O day. However, we hit it right and ended up BDing on CD11, CD14, and CD16. I am pretty sure I ovulated on CD16 judging by the temps.

My cycles were always 26 days long and I "impatiently" waited through the TWW. I did not really have any symptoms, no IB, no cramping, etc. But, when it came to what would normally be AF day- I had MORE energy than ever and noticed the last few nights beforehand I had not been able to sleep because of bouts of energy. I did not start that day (Monday) and kept temping and waiting. That night I had some cramping and just knew it was AF coming, but when I woke up Tues it was totally gone and I felt great! On Wednesday I woke up and my temperature had spiked to the highest temp yet! I just knew it then. I decided to take a test, as I was 12dpo and 3 days past predicted AF at that point. IT WAS POSITIVE!!!! I took another that night and another the next morning and all 3 (different brands) confirmed we were indeed having a little one :) I told my husband that night and we couldn't believe it!

Ladies, I wanted to share that it seemed to work for me when I stopped stressing, and turned to prayer. I did not count days, worry about symptoms, etc. I kept a prayer by my sink that I saw and prayed every morning for peace, comfort and trusting in His timing…. and it worked! I sincerely believe God knows when your time is right and you absolutely should trust him with this process. I am now 15 weeks and all appointments have been good so far! We go back in 3 weeks from today to find out gender!!!

The only symptoms I had before the positive test were enlarged breasts (not sore, that came later), and sleeplessness and more energy than usual. (weird I know). Other symptoms came later, but not much in the beginning!

Good luck to all you ladies trying and do not give up. Pray about it and God will lead you. :)
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