BFP on 3rd cycle: long/irregular cycles + low sperm count

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BFP on 3rd cycle: long/irregular cycles + low sperm count

Postby AimeeNZ » Fri May 13, 2016 8:05 pm


Much like every girl on here, I have scoured this forum so many times reading success stories, but I didn't dare believe that one day would share my own! But here we are...

DH and I decided started TTC in January this year. I went off BCP a few months before our wedding in October 2015, to give my body time to adjust (we used other contraceptives after that though). My cycles had been all over the place since though, so I was worried. My cycles after BCP were 43, 34, 37, 53(!) days. I have basically had no idea when I am fertile, or when AF is due, so we've been feeling totally lost about how/when to even 'try'. DH had a vasectomy three years ago, and his 'engagement present' to me was a vasectomy reversal (romantic, huh?), which was successful. As I began to really freak out after my 53 day cycle, DH decided to get a SA done, just to be safe. We were stunned when it came back as 'low', with a count of below 15,000,000. The doctor said that scar tissue can sometimes form as things heal, so that may be the problem. I cried, and DH was teary-eyed too. We prayed and fretted and tried not to worry, but it was very, very hard news.

Two weeks ago I was at the doctors (on CD35), and my doctor said we should do a bloodtest for pregnancy. It came back negative, and this only compounded how useless I felt our situation was. I felt like I had very brief hope, then even more crushing news. I came home really upset, and told DH I did NOT want to try anymore. I set my mind to going back to the doctor and seeing a specialist on our wedding anniversary, as it would have been a year of 'trying' by then. We essentially gave up, but I kept tracking my BBT, as I figured it might give a specialist some insight further down the track. So, DH and I just BD'd whenever we wanted to again! Yay!! (The doctor had told us we were only 'allowed to' every 3rd day, to help his sperm count etc.)

Two days ago (CD48), my temperature plunged a whole degree. "Oh, AF is finally coming", I thought. Then yesterday it climbed a degree, and this morning, another half a degree. To me, that was very suspicious!! I snuck off the get a FRER while DH was at work, and took it quietly when he came home for lunch. After 30 seconds, a clear, dark pink second line came up!!! :shock: I was in shock: my hands started shaking! I said, "Babe, can you come in here?" He said, "What...?", like he was in trouble, and walked in looking nervous. I just pointed at it and covered my mouth! He went bright red, then stared at me, and picked me and kissed my cheeks and squeezed me sooooo tight. :D I almost burst into tears! I still can't believe it... I keep staring at the test every few minutes, just to be sure my eyes aren't playing tricks on me. It's unmistakeable though; you can see it from across the room! Haha

I want to encourage any girl out there who is in the position I was in, with long and irregular cycles after coming off the BCP. I know it's soooo disheartening. It wasn't even the 'not being pregnant' that got to me - it was not knowing what my body was doing all the time. I kept thinking, "When if AF coming? Am I pregnant, or is this just a really long cycle? What if I'm not ovulating? Is that it? Are my cycles long because there's something seriously wrong?! What if I already have? Or what if I haven't yet? OR What if we missed it? How will I know?" The list when on and on. I looked for stories like this one because it gave me hope, so I want to pass that hope on to the next girl who is searching. HANG IN THERE... God is with you, and watching you, and smiling at you, because he already knows when the time is that you will be holding your little one in your arms.

Oh! My symptoms (even though I wasn't looking for any, because we weren't 'trying' anymore). I can't do it by DPO, because I still don't know from my chart when I actually ovulated.

Over the past week:

* Excessively tired in the mornings: barely able to drag myself out of bed, despite going to bed earlier than usual
* CM has been creamy/watery every day for weeks, and didn't dry up, like I thought it would this late in my cycle (I usually look for signs of AF's arrival around CD40 onwards)
* I've been really hungry for the past few days. Eating my usual meals, but feeling quite hungry again only an hour later.

That's it! No sore boobs/nipples, no mood swings, no nausea; everything has been normal. My cervix did not go up much higher at any point in my cycle, and I only noticed it move up this morning. Just goes to show that symptom-spotting doesn't work for everyone! I never would have thought to test, had I not noticed my crazy temperature dive and peak over the past three days.

The only thing I did different in this past cycle was take Vitex. I took one in the morning and one at night for about a month. I wasn't sure if it would help regulate my cycles, and now I guess I'll never know!

I'm booking in with the doctor for a blood test next week, and praying for a healthy pregnancy.

Love and prayers - that all of you will be strong and feel supported over the journey,
Aimee xox
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