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Let's go crazy during our 2ww together! Lol

PostPosted: Thu Jul 07, 2016 9:26 pm
by HappyMama
I'm about 6 dpo not charting temps but goig according to cervix position and discharge and cramping. I had harsh cramping on the right Friday and Saturday so I thought maybe I was trying to release eggs but it wasn't working. Anyway. The last 2 days the cramps have been mostly on my right and feel like af and I'm feeling pressure and "full" in the middle lower area. I'm not supposed to be able to test for another 9 days but tonight I'm feeling so oooo sick!! Just bout ready to puke! Last month I had pressure and full feeling but ended up with a bfn! I had a little bit if an upset stomach last month too but nothing compared to this!! I thought I'd finally join a group to hang out withe others going through the 2ww since hubby is tired of hearing it lol This would be baby #5 but the 2WWE never gets a easier lol